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    Hey guys today i share my sweetest experience with u..

    I m again late��
    Sir had already started his physics lesson��
    Lecture was tooo boring again��
    We tried to concentrate like every day��
    My eyes searching for someone found in the first bench corner....��
    He was just quite and calm��
    The blue shirt and white face seem like centre fruit candy... ��
    May be taste like original flavour... ��
    OMG! Nibi.. Stop thinking all this rubbish thing ��
    My mind warned me like that ⚠
    Unexpectedly he come close to me��
    My heart melted like butter in a hot pan ��
    Hey you know na we are already late and attened our math tution ��please tell sir for finish lecture..
    For a while i thought all that are illusion and it was a dream that every night i dreamt����
    First time he talked with me and wanted something very important ��.....
    Being a brave girl ��
    But i m not��
    Sirrrrrrrrr! Howwwww muchhhh lecturrrrr was remaininggggggg.. Actuallyyyy i caught my math tution.. ��
    Sir shouted like that i wanted a unwanted thing ��
    They teasing me with his name and that blushes on his face��
    Itsssss cutttte na!! ��

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    His voice is my favourite sound

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