• dumi005 23w

    Please Stay With Me.

    I see you.
    So quiet you stand.
    I just don't understand
    your silence anymore.

    I'm so caught up.
    Please try to understand,
    I'm trying to fill the
    Pieces of the puzzle.

    Look at me,
    and say something.
    Don't give up on me yet.
    Just don't walk over me.

    I know I'm wrong.
    To beg you to stay.
    When there are better things
    that awaits your arrival.

    Look up at me.
    Smile, just one time.
    Shout at me, scream.
    Just say something atleast.

    You're my soul, Darling.
    There's nothing without you.
    I will be lost if you are gone.
    Please stay with me.