• irfankhan4u 6w

    love is not the only feeling, somefeelings outclass love

    Was shitting at mic when someone froze my tongue, could have done with silence yet evoked

    courage to confront the little queen , who knew nothing better to smile ,

    The next few minutes followed something that I can rewind and see all day, all life but was it all??

    Questioned my brain before the fall.

    She looked at things which I guess never existed, to make sure that she doesn’t follow the attention she had just received,

    She matched my eyes at frequent strokes to make sure the stare was still on.

    Babbling something incoherent she moved distant from my eyes , gazing at her dead phone thinking I must try,

    I took two steps before she started to sweat on a winter afternoon, that I presume was like intense romance later than it to be too soon.

    I just said “Awesome Expressions” and she smiled or shied I still don’t know,

    Mesmerised at whatever that was I wasn’t left with any expressions to show.

    She nudged her friend, tweaked her eyes from behind the pillars, moved to wage directions, whispered her friend,

    Possibly did everything to know if my eyes still followed her,

    And I didn’t disappoint her either.

    I on the receiving end just followed her tiny waist to all possible coordinates probably imagining they might let me know her emotions right away,

    also aggravated by her smile equally enticing, Stupid though but men will be men,

    The sun sank in the background leaving me with fascination all that night,

    Just with one image in an infinite loop that just presented the very sight.

    It was a matter of accept or decline because now existed Facebook, pigeons were not trustworthy anymore,

    With an “accept” under my belt things were about to turn cosier than ever before.

    From text to larger texts, from image sharing to stories,

    From Facebook to WhatsApp , it was all happening quick and fast,

    With an apprehension in the mind nailing the believe in love questioning “how long will this relationship last”??

    Friends?? BFF??Girlfriend?? Even after months of being together , the relationship yet could not be named,

    Both of us questioned ourselves to arrive at a conclusive name,

    But as they say some relationships are so beautiful that they better never be named