• arborvitae 3w

    senora's serenity

    There is a swift chaos then tranquility of calm takes over
    There is drift of eros in our veins then amenity of your Palm over my heart takes over

    There is an unforseen tug of my hand then sudden support of your muscles around my waist takes over
    There is a mischievous act of your fingers within my dreadlocks then equanimity of our stares takes over

    There is a shower running transparent water then there is our skin drenched in our juices rather, Further nakedness takes over
    There is a hallucinating aura of our lips then alienating plethora of our tongues takes over

    There is a slightest hint of sky's restrain then silent sight and sound sighing of rain over our window pane takes over

    There is a bed made of tendrils and our movements made of tenderness
    there are hidden flowers in wilderness and nectar of your neck over my lips sealing our togetherness.
    There is a choas of stars in the night sky then i keep my gaze on your chest and sleep takes over.