• justanotherwriter 52w

    Kittens and Yellow Lights.

    Obsessed with cats and yellow lights,
    They make me feel happy,
    They own their attitude,
    Their mushy lil toes make me go wow,
    Though I do not have any,
    I may want one in future,
    As for lights, yellow ones are my favourite,
    The best thing about lights are,
    They make the darkness go away,
    They give that lonely room some hope,
    You're not alone, you shouldn't be in darkness, that's the motive of lights, they won't ever let you be in dark shadows,
    Sometimes you just go for the things that make you happy, you shouldn't think much there, cause if you'll think and be practical then maybe you won't do it, so don't think or worry about what's gonna happen after this, just try to enjoy and cherish that moment cause dear, that moment never comes back.