• farhaj_jebin 2w

    I found a place

    I found a place where I can den
    myself to the fullest,
    a place where I find serenity
    even though if I'm cuddled by obscurity.

    I found a place where I can feel
    my shadow is following me
    even though if no one does,
    a place where I lay like a dead rose
    but still I vie to overcome my throes.

    I found a place where my pillow remains
    wet for day and night,
    a place where four walls stare
    at me who loves black and white
    even though I'm an innate with no eyesight.

    I found a place where I can inhale
    the aura of silence,
    a place where I can sense the sound
    of a siren from a far island
    even though if I took birth as a deaf
    in my horizon.

    I found a place where I ponder about the gravitational pull of a black hole,
    a place where I mesmerize about
    how the earth plays its distinct roles
    even though if I have a little knowledge
    as a whole.

    I found a place which is full of solace,
    a place which is equal to that of a palace
    and it's none other than my purest roomage.
    It's a place which I wonder from my early childhood days.
    Even though if I'm a handicap to your eyes.