• unstoppable_vk 37w

    Take a deep breath and
    Look at urself,
    The person u have become..

    Wow! u have really grown now.
    Those untold stories
    Tattooed like scars,
    U hold pride in them,
    It makes u who u are...

    Everyday trying to be
    Something better,
    Be something good...

    Well no matter wt ur
    Age may whisper,
    take ur time and
    Catching under
    cloud's first shower.
    Stay up and admire the moon
    At night's lonely hour...

    No matter how hard the world
    May try to cripple ur innocence,
    Keep that smile bright and
    Shield hope in silence.
    Cause let me tell u something....

    "The last thing to age in somebody
    Is thier divine heart."