• unstoppable_vk 2w

    Take a deep breath and
    Look at urself,��
    The person u have become..��

    Wow! u have really grown now.��
    Those untold stories
    Tattooed like scars,��
    U hold pride in them,
    It makes u who u are...����

    Everyday trying to be
    Something better,��
    Be something good...

    Well no matter wt ur
    Age may whisper,��
    take ur time and
    Catching under
    cloud's first shower. ��
    Stay up and admire the moon ��
    At night's lonely hour...

    No matter how hard the world ��
    May try to cripple ur innocence,��
    Keep that smile bright and ��
    Shield hope in silence. ��
    Cause let me tell u something....

    "The last thing to age in somebody
    Is thier divine heart."��