• sasankarishi 53w


    When was the last time you slept?
    When the lights go off
    And the darkness engulfs you
    Maybe the eyelids deceive.
    They refuse to rest
    For in darkness, they can't get caught.
    When the hope dies
    And despair engulfs
    Maybe the heartbeat deceives.
    It refuses to slow down
    For in despair, it can't get caught.
    When the fate plays villain
    And you can't get around
    Maybe the mind deceives.
    It refuses to stop racing
    For in ill-fated stories
    It can't get caught.

    When was the light time you slept?
    For when your heart permits
    Those rare nights lacking darkness
    The rest of you deceives.
    For they never get caught
    The heart shields the rest of you.