• the_unspoken_soul 49w


    You know,I don't found anything interesting around meh. All are just temporary attraction and this(our human body) craves for that temporary attachment. By which, it'll only get release of dopamine for a short period of time. Which we think or call "addiction" that addiction soon transform into so called development of feelings and emotions, and this drama soon change it's colour into red and wears a jacket of brand LOVE. Aimless converstation goes on. One of them a secret fraud, who makes fake promises that , he/ she gonna to be with him/her till the end of the life on this earth.
    This jacket of love turns old and agitate to taste the physical love as like we use to change our daily beverages , tea to coffee, coffee to cappuccino but tea remain forever love.
    Time goes on, bed comes into play to comfort the jacket of love. Boobs and vagina needed more to adore the jacket to proclaim that we are in love. Soon the jacket is torn by means of tools called 'lies', new individual on his/her chat heads, reduced conversations. As they call themselves they've become more matured and wanna buy a new attire called "BREAKUP" and for this you have to pay or do a lil show off named melodrama in the orchestra of unknown folks. Just to show them we're single and matured enough. And we don't believe in love. And throws that old red Jacket into a dumping yard called "EXs" #throw as much red jackets here.

    - somyasis