• tekmate 52w

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    Just wanna say

    101 th love

    Sometimes merry, sometimes pain,
    I just wanted to love again.
    Several hindrances, several failures,
    Still tried hardest to get the cures.

    I saw your face through the bus,
    And my heart glowed and thus,
    I tried to follow your itineraries,
    And know how your and my path varies.

    The episode of love replayed in my life,
    And i started to imagine you as my wife.
    How to say i love you the way you like,
    Will it impress you if i use a mike?

    How will i say you are my 101th crush,
    Will you get angry or would blush.
    I am a boy with charming face and loving heart,
    Wanted to introduce myself that doesn't hurt.

    Deep inside me, i found your image,
    But never know you like me or show some rage.
    I am not a word nor sentence,
    I am exhibition of wisery when you are tense.

    Reject me or accept me it's your choice,
    It is your option to be dumb or be wise.
    You would never get a boy like me,
    Who would wait hours just to see.