• chandachetry1 53w

    True frnd

    I call it a sweet miracle of love
    Tht made me feel im in heaven above..
    Suddenly life begins to seem so beautiful
    Everything is just worth living ND wonderful..
    ND the promises of today..
    As we both said I do..
    I gave of me wht i ask of uh..
    I hope we will ALWS be connected
    True ND valued. Loyal ND respected..
    I don. T knw where our destiny will take..
    But I will b ALWS there for uh it's my sake..
    Circumstances will alws there to give Us a new start
    But such is the indestructible faith
    Am having in uh my friend
    I promise ..
    Together we will be
    Even time itself comes to end.