• anonymous_girl 7w

    At some point
    We all have to start thinking about ourselves
    in terms of
    what all will be good for us..
    At some point
    We just have to
    Stop BEING THERE for people close to us
    Because if we fall down
    at that very instant...
    at the very instant when we fail
    we'll be alone
    and if we dont know
    how to fight through our struggles
    we'll perish into some abysmally deep hole...
    So perhaps
    At some point
    Its good to be mean
    its good to be selfish
    its good to think of ourselves
    while everyone else is moving ahead..
    breakaway those chains
    breakaway those bonds
    which now seems like bondage..
    Because in the END
    only We remain with Ourselves
    lying calmly in that grave that
    belongs to us
    So to attain that Calm
    atleast for once
    Now is the time
    to think just about 'US'