• chitraa_shankar 14w

    A small poem dedicated to all my friends...
    I Miss them so much...
    Few have stayed with me...while few have gone...
    But then too I love you all!!

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    It's been years that we've met
    And our friendship will last forever I bet...
    I remember the first time we met
    I won't forget it I bet!!

    We've known each other for years
    And now my eyes are filled with tears...
    I just don't wanna leave you dears
    Let's have a happy blast Cheers!!

    We have laughed for silly things
    And people have laughed for our unpleasant sings...
    And when we all are together everything seems to be like cinch!!

    And now comes the time to cleave
    But I don't want you'll to leave...
    Stay with me forever I plead
    This is my only deed!!

    Anytime anywhere however we are
    We promise to think about each other...
    I'm sure this would give us enough power
    To bloom like a beautiful flower!!