• mortenvirallinen 46w

    Among Other Things - Part IX

    As I have told you before, these birds were cunning. The fact that the bodies of EJ and Charly were cremated, didn't stop the birds from returning the souls back to earth. Remember the scarecrows named Maya Hydes and Magus Vix? This is when they come into this play. The whole existance of these particular crows is unbelievable. They are magical creatures, yet they are birds. Secrets are to be revealed when the third bird comes into this story, not yet though. I am getting ahead of myself.
    In that flashy thunderous night when Charly and Earl Joe died, they managed to build scarecrows before that faithfull event occured. Charlys' cats Cyd and Rey were sleeping under the hay legs of Maya Hydes.
    The task of returning the souls back to life would have been easy if they could be placed back into their own bodies. Seemingly time flows differently depending are you dead or not. All that remained from Earl or Charly were the scarecrows. Suddenly life took a hold of the lifeless hay creatures of Magus Vix and Maya Hydes. Magic of this level was only possible because of the fact that they had something belonging to the dead. Magus had EJs' shoes and Maya had Charlys hat. ~MM