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    First Love ❤

    The ray of hope‚a way so gentle
    Had wings apar ‚ apar my mettle
    I wish I mend the way it led
    Heathen my sorrow‚ O brethren I heft
    Lil sprinkles of joy‚ fed my garden of glee
    A gay day it was‚ waking my inside free
    A rumoured spirit‚ I was in the cage
    Screaming my conscience I ate my rage
    Tinctures of love had summoned me already‚
    A little butterfly I now felt inside my belly
    I was lost in time‚ mind had goosebumps
    Heart was stolen‚ got myself back the lustre and lump
    The gross humour that I laughed along‚
    I was in love‚ could that feeling prolong?
    I lost my mind‚ my love was blind
    Blind enough to forsee the coming
    Another girl‚ I witness‚ fuming
    Tears I cried‚ the grief now dried
    A cold beast ate my lil butterflies
    My love profound‚ on stomach I fell
    I saw them again‚ hand in hand‚ I dread
    Killed more was I‚ no flying butterfly
    I lost my chance‚ chance to withstand the lie
    The demons of my spirit pierced my soul
    I did bleed grief once and for all
    The feeling is dead‚ love's an unending pain
    Butterflies no more‚ their graves buried in the tears of rain
    The memories of my first love at seventeen shall always remain
    The painful bitter story in my soul shall always pertain.