• vimalanpaulr 46w

    I started writing 4 years ago. The artist in me fades by the day, as time heals. But these words would live through the real artist, the creator

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    The dead artist

    I told myself am not a poet
    Just a lad spinning words at play
    I told myself that I can't write
    It's all randomness I say

    Am a failing artist
    Broken in seconds, healed in time
    Mustering sympathy to write
    Cowardly enough to hide my crime

    If only you'd know that I've fallen
    I'd show you this wreck
    If only you'd take me as I am
    I'll let you feel my severed neck

    I figured I'd wither now
    Fade away in the wind
    My words won't last
    But this heart won't bend
    Never did

    I let my inhibitions go
    I'll let my soul speak then
    Of the life that ever lives,
    The one praise that never ends
    The words that never change
    The art that never dies,
    Though the artist does.

    Thank you.