• unguarded_lines 23w


    Nurturing for nine months and ten days in your body,
    on the verge of death from physical exertion
    Plagued by pain, heat and cold from birthing
    your life at stake, however joyful to sacrifice,I remember your supple love, mother!
    Cleaning the filth of body with your gentle hands
    Mother, you stayed through day and night like a sentry
    You,who store the delicious and healthy foods
    I remember you, my mother gracious mother!

    Thinking of the changes in winter and summer,
    you collect fine clothes equal to the garments of divine
    embraced by the soft and beautified raiment of great comfort
    I remember you, my kind mother!

    Trained in essential discipline through your cherished sounds,
    you’re the imminent master setting us firmly among mortals
    Adorning us in the jewel of nobleman,
    I remember you, my virtuous mother!

    Your advice essential in guiding mind towards the precious dharma,
    And pure intention, a casket comparable to the rarity of gold
    I remember you, my gracious mother
    For setting concordant conditions of perpetual bliss