• abreathtakingmosaic 47w

    There I see you. You come home, change your clothes and get into your comfortable pajamas, drink a glass of water. And gulp another one as well. Cook yourself some good food, listen to some music while cooking, watch your favorite TV series, make your bed and read a book.

    You have come so far. You have made it through the day. You're getting there and you're very close to your goal. Your goal of being content and happy with yourself. Be brave, take a deep breath, shout it out loud whenever you feel, go to your favourite cafe and sip on some coffee, sit by the sea and watch the beautiful sunset, eat that extra piece of chocolate cake without any hesitation and amid all this, don't you forget to smile. Embrace the mess you are. You've got this. Remember, one day at a time.

    ~ Shweta Shah