• hysteria_writes 16w

    Dear love,
    Whenever you said you loved me it made me cringe because I could never think someone could love me. How could I when I didn't love myself!
    Whenever you said you'd been waiting for my message I told you not to do it in the future because I would think who am I to have a guy like you waste your time on me?
    Every single time I would doubt myself and felt I'd embarrass you between your friends, the reason why I always canceled our group plans.
    Love has always been a strange word, an indescribable feeling and even though I knew I loved you too much somehow I never believed when you said that back. I saw how you would rather not acknowledge me between our friends, I saw how you'd never give me the privilege of walking holding hands because you'd be afraid someone would see.
    I saw how you'd be a different person on texts and a totally different person when we'd be standing together. I saw it all.
    So tell me was it wrong for me to not believe you when you said you loved me? Had the reason I'd never believe your words been me or yourself? Had I loved you too much to overlook these things? had I loved you too much? Had I at all?

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