• youngblood_ 6w

    There was this event our school conducted a month ago which was for all the pass-out students. And all my old friends and classmates were there. I got my friend's camera and got a few pictures... but that day...

    Ok I'm not gonna lie - I almost cried. I mean there was this real good friend of mine. He was kind of the person who always need someone to hold them to the ground, if you know what I mean..

    It was too good spending time with him all these years. So when I reached him and I really wanted to hug him for all the times we had... but couldn't as his friends were just there. When I realised that all these people, and not only him, were there just for that day...and that we may or may not even see each other again, it was really heartbreaking...

    Sorry thoda senti ho gya shayad ��

    But that's sooo damn true..

    I mean again...if you know what I mean ������

    So this is the least I could come up with to write. So sorry for te lame post ������
    So again...sorry for the long caption...which I guess you guys are going to see a lot of it again and again ����

    Thanks for bearing with me ����������


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    Is it a curse...?

    That we can capture people
    In our brand-new, flashy DSLRs
    But not the moments as such?

    I mean...
    I think it'll be a good idea
    To actually re-live the moments
    Than just with memories...
    Don't they fade a bit too quickly?

    ©TD xx