• leeleelee 47w


    Everyone can remember a strong emotion they’ve felt spawned by the word unlikely,
    Whether it’s a mother being told it’s unlikely her child will live,
    A child being told it’s unlikely they will get something,
    Or even a positive experience,
    Being voted most unlikely to die alone in the school yearbook, for example.

    Unlikely is the unlikely candidate of causation of both misery and hope,
    Sharing its’ title with maybe
    And the entire expression “I have good news and bad news.”

    This whole word family of misinterpretation is very popular on TV.

    I love the idea that such a small
    (Figuratively, of course, as unlikely is annoying long)
    Word can have such an impact on our lives.
    It makes me feel as if, perhaps,
    (Another member of that cursed word family)
    I could have such an unwitting impact on the world.
    Change somebody.
    Hopefully positively, but promise I do not keep I do not make.

    I hope I influence a human spirit into a moment of growth, prosperity.
    I hope I change the world.

    That, however, is unlikely.