• iltutmish 2w


    She doesn't ramble alot now
    But rather sits and wonder alot.
    Dwelling in a crowded solitude of solemn thoughts that swirl around her and alike the Aladdin's carpet, drift her to the kingdoms of 'far far away' , and to each and every dimension a writer's imagination could reach.

    While building Phantoms, incidences from the past, reverberate and daunt her
    But resilience is what she knows now.

    With ataraxia as her accomplice, faith has seeped in her veins.
    Faith upon herself and her matrix.

    They often ask her to go and get an identity, blatantly ignoring them, she revels in what she has been offered with.

    She chooses to be the wild flora with wild roots and wild flowers which always bloom.

    You know why?
    'cause they don't need a guardian.

    Unflinching she grows.

    Celebration her uniqueness.

    Self - dependent : independent

    She seems incomplete because she is, you see, as every statuesque creation she will consume time before reaching her Zenith.☀

    With wings of Phoenix & heart of gold
    She has soul of elixir and you can't break her anymore.