• mayraichand 48w


    "Shh.. don't talk about it publicly" guess what am i talking about? What could it be ? Sex? No. Then what can be so secretive?

    Okay! So let's take off the curtain from this hush hush topic.
    Here i am going to talk about periods.
    What each and every woman goes through from such a young age to the time of menopause.
    What all she bears throughout this hush hush process.

    So how many of you go to buy pads on yourself?
    Ever noticed why that black polybag and a newspaper wrap comes free with it?
    Why when you started menstruating blood out of nowhere you were suddenly kept away from all of the purest things in your house.
    Why weren't you allowed to go to your kitchen and why were you made to sleep away from all your family members?
    Why were you made to eat separately from others?
    Why was your mother using code words for THIS issue and not simply calling it menstruation or periods?
    Why weren't you allowed to attend the pooja function?
    Why were you asked to whisper it in your mom's ear when you WEREN'T WELL.

    Why you are still not supposed to talk to your father or brother or uncle about it?
    Why are you being called impure and treated that way when it really isn't your fault?

    Ughh! Didn't all these questions or even some of then been settled in your mind from past few years?
    Why were you asked to keep your mouth shut whenever you were talking about it.

    Why you were scolded when you complaint about the period pain you suffered from each month.
    Why were you consoled by saying it will be fine , and you should get used to it?
    Why were you slapped that day when you rebelled and spoke about it partially in front of your father as if he don't know about it?

    Ever wondered that does this only happened to you and *duhh'ed* yourself for thinking so dumb but simultaneously questioned your own self that if this happens to every girl in the world why to keep it so secretive?
    Why you are always made to change the channel whenever there was an advertisement regarding sanitary napkins?

    How many of you really talked about it to your father or brother when you started menstruating?
    None? Or maybe rarely few of you.

    Why can't you open up with everyone and talk about it ?
    Why is it a taboo in your country , A hush hush topic , an impure thing , process that happens to every woman but still so secretive.
    The pain we all go through is meant to be not spoken out and just asked to bear it quietly without complaining.
    Why everyone say you shouldn't take pain killers as it is not good?
    The period pain and the pain of the heart attack according to some rating are almost same for some women.
    A woman goes through such pain every month for a week , even for two because of hormonal issue.
    Why asked always to be mum and not speak of it as if boys don't know about it.

    So many questions and still nobody answers. Why periods are taboo here why ?