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    To dear daddy,
    I'm your daughter,your doll, your princess.
    I know you love me the most that nobody else can ever do on this big planet, I know whatever you do for me is possibly the best i deserve. I trust you blindly & i still do.
    I remember those days where , whenever i found myself in danger i keep on telling you that you'll hold my hand, instead of ;
    I'll hold yours.
    because daddy, i knew if i got scared i'll leave your hand but you'll never do.
    I still trust you the same, love you the same.��

    it's my 10th marriage anniversary today & you know i have 2kids, 7 & 4 years old. Everyone one is happy here, i feel good but their is something which don't makes me feel complete.

    dad do you remember?
    when i told you about him & how you reacted , you just didn't listened to me, so i have to do that & afterall their should be nobody who deserves more importance than you & also because i love you.

    now this is the saddest of my life.
    On the first night, i was in my new home's ,new room, on my new bed & that guy whom you choosed for me. Raped me that night, raped my emotions, my dreams, & my feelings.
    I asked him, not to do it tonight but he didn't gave his concern to my words, He dumped me onto the bed, removed my clothes & played with my body as he wanted to, & i keep lying on bed like a statue.
    he killed my dreams. I wanted to do this with someone i was in love with, but!!!

    daddy, just because you feared to take a stand for you daughter against your, so called society, you threw me to somewhere i never wanted to be in.
    although i love my babies alot, but i still haven't fallen for the man you choosed for me, but now i love him even more( the man whom i dreamed of,the man whom i choosed once,the man who is my best choice & my only choice, the man who is somewhere still waiting for me).

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    To daddy,

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