• niknik 13w

    The Phone Call

    He answered it on the first ring
    She couldn't say much, at first
    She could hardly remember a thing
    The back of her throat did thirst
    Her nerves were shot a bit
    She could hardly believe she called
    "Is it really you?" Her face lit
    She sat up against a wall
    She'd been reading his poetry for days
    Words upon words played in her mind
    Thinking of all of the ways
    That his words were for her in kind
    Lacking the stealth to speak
    He spoke up instead to start
    "May I ask who it is you seek?"
    She just croaked a beat with her heart
    Listening with intent, he seemed lost
    With lackadaisical grunts, he held on
    She was determined to talk at all cost
    She finally spoke up before long
    "I love your poems so much!"
    "Why thank you" the man spoke up
    "It seems my soul to touch"
    And she hung up just as abrupt!
    The man lingered on for a few
    Not sure of what happened just then
    If he had even a slight clue
    You could look on his face for a grin
    The man was a writer of thoughts
    Sweet poems and words full of truth
    Wisdom that couldn't be bought
    He was a man that could bring back your youth
    The phone call was weird no doubt
    Not much was said but he knew
    What that moment was all about
    A simple phone call was his clue
    The phone call helped his writers block
    Causing him to smile with peace
    He never realized a fan could unlock
    The remedy he needed to unleash
    The phone call was a breath of fresh air
    Even though not much was said
    For its readers like you out there
    Who help sort out things in our head!