• pllvi18 49w

    Was loving him your biggest mistake ? - they asked .
    "Umm.. No ! I guess . My mistake wasn't that i loved , my mistake was that i felt the feeling of being loved ! I made it my whole world . A world which wasn't even real. Actually i believed it was but but then i realized it was a virtual reality which he made for me Or i can say for him. just for his comfort and just till he wanted . He used me not for his lust but just made me someone whom he wanted when he was alone and needed a hand to hold and i was fool na , So i thought he is going to hold it for lifetime . Maybe he wasn't ready or maybe he meant something else . But its fine ! Maybe our bond was till that time as he thought .
    But i believe he was a best part of my life , And his memories are the worst nightmare i deal with , Every moment.