• poetic_author 14w

    The Genie

    "A young boy once was walking in the fields
    Playing along the crops with vivid youth
    A lamp was found in the midst of the cornfields
    Everyone knows what happened next in this myth

    A creature appeared ready to fulfill his demands
    Genie, he was called, and mighty he was
    "Tell me your wishes my boy, I am under your command
    Tell me your wildest dreams, I will be their cause." The child looked at him and with the innocence of his age said,
    "I have read about you and I know who you are
    But there is a mystery that have not been answered in everything I read
    You grant wishes but is never granted one, I find this bizarre." The Genie responded with a sad smile on his face,
    "You're the first to ask so you shall have the answer
    Young child, my mission is to teach a valuable lesson in this place
    I want to show people that magic still exists and it's a beautiful power." Unfortunately, he learned that not everyone deserves to know about magic