• anecdote 53w


    Just a reply
    For her it is just a reply,
    For him it is a memory of lifetime,
    Which he receive after a long hrs of happiness pass by,
    It matters to him whether it is night or day,
    For him it is stitch in time,
    Which comes to him after making her smile overtime,
    Some will say why to wait for her reply,
    But they don't know,
    she is his life and it's her reply on which his life ply,
    Which makes him feel alive,
    For him it is swinging pendulum,
    Who forgot it's rhythm,
    Going left and right without any hymn,
    Don't know where to go to,
    Where reply is the only hope,
    For him the reply is like rain,
    Which washes all his pain,
    Just like a peacock who dance without any gain,
    He waits for her reply because it breaks his chain,
    He knocks all the doors of his brain,
    In order to make her smile,
    And the reply is the only price,
    Is he asking so much?
    he portray her when she sent a simile,
    he thinks of her in every word,
    Whether it is shutup or being loved,
    She is stupid , she doesn't know the value of it,
    For that boy it is his life,
    It is his happiness, not just a reply...