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    Read it somewhere and loved it so much so thought kinda posting at our mirakee..
    The writer had done a grate work writing it..
    How he/she mainted it in alphabetical order that's the most amazing part I liked in it..
    And lastly three Cheers for the writer...

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    Alphabet of love

    Again I'm sitting with pen in my hand & paper in front of me
    Breaking all the doors, trying to set my feelings free
    Carefully I'm choosing the words to write
    Don't want to keep anything in hide
    Everything inside me I want to say
    For so long I've been trying day after day
    Guessed it's easy but it's not in any way
    How hard I tried to tell you,
    In every way but I couldn't do so
    Just simple words I have to write
    Kinda magical words that'll make everything right
    Love you deeply from the bottom of my heart
    My life means nothing when you're apart
    No one but you can make me feel that complete
    Ooh, my love we are meant to be, that's our fate
    Please stay with me for always and forever
    Quit anything but leave me never
    Right inside my heart you will always be
    So happy I feel when you are with me
    To you I hope to be always near
    Unique is the way along you, I feel
    Very happy, flying without wings
    What a joy, to my heart, your touch brings
    X-tremly perfect I feel near you
    Yes my love, that's what I want you to know
    Zillions words I have in my heart to say & all of them are true
    ... <3 ...