• theobliviousink 6w

    I n s a n i t y

    Eyes in stygian
    Thoughts crashing
    Blues persistent
    A blithering urge
    To claw at danger
    To provoke reality
    Burn in the scorching infernos

    O h m y t h e t h u n d e r !
    Resting on my lashes

    Drown in pits of the oceans of the abyss
    Clambering over demons trying to rain on my castles forged
    Destruct these dreams I build

    R e v e r b e r a t i o n s
    Voices, foreign voices

    Crack over hopes
    Trample aspirations
    Leave me to deliverance just this once
    Let me live in t r a n q u i l i t y

    Let me be
    C r a z y
    Let me be
    I n s a n e