• shaluchowrasia 52w

    Writing is not for the sake of being famous on the social network. Nor it is to remind the world that you heft a burden of impressive words and phrases in your vocabulary. It is deep. Writing is healing, healing you from every pain you've suffered. Scribbling your grievances, your hatred, your heart on a piece of paper is peaceful and divine. And if you tell me that Writing is only some figure of speeches, a couple of paradoxes, some healthy alliteration and rhyming gathered together to construct an impression on the reader, I would say, No! Writing IS leaving an emotion, a heartfelt emotion on the face of the reader. Writing is a way to connect to everyone who needs help. Writing is such a beautiful art that can help out a depressed person and depress the most jubilant one. Writing is creating a spectacle, creating pertinent lenses for dissimilar nose pads. Don't you think writing is for pleasing oneself. Please.