• the_blu_phoenix 49w

    A rush of thoughts, a compulsion to write, and a frantic attempt to just get myself to think!

    (a long one!)

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    Writer's Block

    There are times,
    When the pen, like an unfaithful companion,
    Stops completing your sentences.
    There are times,
    When the mind, which is an ocean of thoughts,
    Becomes a shallow saucer of left-over coffee stains.
    There are times,
    When the feelings, which drip like blood,
    Over an open gash on the heart,
    Suddenly stop pouring out.
    There are times,
    When the hands which is a master of its own,
    Adept to writing on it's own accord,
    Becomes a slave of routine.
    There are times my dear,
    When words fall short,
    And the silences choke you,
    When the metaphors fly away,
    And the monotony mocks you,
    When the paper stays blank,
    And the emptiness eats you.

    But worry not my dear,
    There are times too,
    When the pen paints metaphors,
    And the verses drip like honey,
    When you just get a word,
    And the thoughts pour like rains,

    And just like that,
    In between the lines of sanity and insanity,
    In the blur of magic and madness,
    Is your verse, or your muse.
    Waiting to be discovered,
    Hidden between the veils of your writer's block.