• aunei_ 6w

    Somewhat a collaboration with @alan_karr and @miss_sonador_poeta. We're writing on a similar theme, or something?

    Here's my half-hearted ghost of a poem, anyway.

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    This falsity that has dazed your heart—
    I wish you would notice it soon;
    For the placid rain sheds its tears
    Mourning for your heart that has become so forlorn.
    All these vivid memories you have been recollecting—
    They are so alluring, aren't they?
    The reality seems so unwelcoming;
    But even harsher are those very same moments you're clinging onto
    For they may never return again.
    You wished to be embraced by the same sweetness once more;
    The sweetness, which in reality, is even more sullen than any truth you may come across with.
    But maybe, the rain would wash down your heart as well,
    And maybe, then, you would be left with nothing, but nothingness.