• chrisrighteous 14w

    Where does my faith go?
    The days of wisdom, pride, righteousness, patience have gone. I pretend to act myself as if this was my natural life. No, it's not. Where does it all go?
    Where are my treasures?
    Why I was like this?
    When will I get back my real life story?
    Why I have been so stubborn all these days?
    Who will pay penalty for this?
    Why they judge me?
    What is, on their mind?
    Won't there be end for continuous battle?
    I guess, people with black magical powers grabbed and swallowed all my instant powers. Really!
    It's strange, they act and perform as like they were never into it. The world is so, we can't expect or guess that this person is purely for god sake. The wounds, scars are infused deep into my bones to expose who I am to the world. I do, I take steps to motivate myself for not being abandoned. Mistakes happens, but everything I do will remain as a mistake. How this shit! Happen always to me? Where I am?
    What I was upto?
    Everything dropped as mistake.
    Is there any solution to resolve what is lost?
    Scattered pieces have remained static. The world remained mobile.

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