• storm_rider 7w


    Aren't you a thief?

    You steal sunbeams and wither it to butterflies. It flutters its wings and the petals bloom. The flowers kidnap babies to feed it sugar and later it blossom.

    A pretty flower theft beauty. Crowned thorns and clowned foes. How dare did it lather the charming cologne when my heart was bleeding lost love.

    I envy you soils. I shall defy the Sun too. For either of you rooted this weed on my garden of love.

    You robbed my heart, I punish you.

    Once your bud cheers and lustre bloom, the next moment you might turn to round and ugly sugar pillow. After days pass, will you rot and die.

    He snatched that fruit. I tasted it.

    I still swallow its seed in pleasure. But little did I feel, I was deeply poisoned.