• tanuvermani 2w

    Brewing my thoughts I came across,
    a long lost memory lane.
    I turned around and faced the moss,
    entangled reminiscences of pain.

    Aches throbbed, as remembrance flopped,
    Agonies of past torment again!
    The pang of love had never cropped,
    It was all sore in the pouring rain.

    The whiff of rain washed all dust,
    and left all wounds uncovered,
    Our eyes had met while parting ways....
    all dreams and hearts were shattered.

    To walk through the lane of past,
    the shadows of heartache they cast,
    I’ll have to leave my soul aghast!!
    The doors of heart need to shut down fast.

    To find the lost rhythm of my heart,
    I’ll give my all, won’t let it part..
    The blunder of the times ago,
    Will not fall this time, I vow!!!