• butterrrfly 5w

    HOLD MY HANDS (part 1)

    Still can't get over that night,
    When we danced our hearts out
    When my destiny was on doubt.
    We walked in as friends but definitely,
    weren't supposed to walk out the same.
    We got drunk, we got mad.
    You came closer, my breath got heavier.
    I knew I needed to stop you
    But my love for you wouldn't allow me to..
    After all, my fairytale was coming true!
    That was the first time we kissed.
    The first time, your lips were on mine.
    Oh how beautifully our bodies imtertwined!
    We took off our clothes,our souls were naked.
    Soon you were on top of me,
    Allowing your flesh to enter me.
    And I lay there moaning as a hot sensation tickled my body.