• the_invoked 3w


    Behind the eyes that said a thousand words,
    And behind the smiles that hid the secrets untold,
    I stole a glimpse of him in just a fraction of a second,
    And treasured his memories in my heart in a million different ways.
    For I had more to say,
    And much to share..
    When I caught his glance,
    All my courage vanished,
    And, my words betrayed me...

    Thus, I could ever do was just..
    See you..
    From the corner of my eyes..
    Fearing of being caught, just staring at You..
    Or, was it because I was too afraid to meet your gaze...?
    All, I did was see you from a distance,
    Like I stared at the distant moon..
    For, I know that,
    I don't want to gain your attention,
    And I don't want to get you by force,
    Or, win your heart...
    All there remains is that Feeling,
    The unending Care.. which, I believe is the essence Love,
    So, all there's left is a sacred, silent wish..
    For I wish to share an essence with you..
    All I see between us is nothing but the void...

    An intangible breath and the thin layer of air..
    Clear, yet impenetrable.
    Free, but Unbreakable..
    So..all I do is see you...
    Even if Its possible with the closed eyes...
    I just wish to see you, just see you..