• anonymous_girl 6w

    Last line is forced!!

    When someone else's personality has a huge impact on you ...that their attributes seeps deep down your grey matter and you become what they always wanted you to be...

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    Hey there!

    I am not asking you to stay..
    I know you have the freedom
    To turn away
    I am not asking you to care
    How can I even dare?
    I am not asking you to repair
    The broken bonds that pare
    The leftovers we have between..
    All I am asking you
    Is to let me be...
    To let me be me..
    When you go out there being you
    For all I have learnt from you
    Is to be happy on my own..
    And behave like someone grown!!!
    To be someone so strong
    So she does nothing wrong
    Thanks for changing my definition about me
    That allows me happy to be
    That helped me become
    something I always wanted to be..