• danielsilva 3w

    The Beginning Part Nine

    Marlon entered the room and saw tom in the corner of the room. His back against the wall. He came closer towards him and pulled up a chair. He sat down and said " we should have did this earlier and saved ourselves a lot of time. I mean who knew that after enduring this amount of pain you would give up a day and half later without water."
    Tom said in a low voice "water."
    "Ah yes." Marlon got up and brought a big glass of water. He then slowly poured it in toms mouth on which he asked for more and Marlon did the same thing again and then sat down and said "whatever you say water is the best beverage isn't it tom."
    "I have to agree with you on that."
    "Now enough with the small talk start talking about raw or else I will walk and this time I won't come back."
    "Alright, you see the day I was brought here I noticed the gun you keep hidden at your waist and when three weeks ago one of your men hit a glass pane on me I acquire something that would help me today." With that tom showed him a small piece of glass with a pointy end and before he could do anything he stabbed Marlon in the leg with it. He then turned him around pulled away his gun from the waist and ducked behind him as two men came and fired at him. One bullet hit Marlon in the upper thigh while the rest missed. Tom then fired two bullets at them all were clean headshots. He then released Marlon and he fell to the ground. He ducked down and looked at Marlon and said "sorry grandpa I have to go but this is where the fun begins." He went towards the door and hid behind the door. As other men entered the room tom shot them from behind. He then left the room and went outside. He saw a man heading towards him and so shot him in the leg. The man fell down and he went and picked up his gun which was a Glock 23. He then asked the man "where does the building get its power." The man did not reply so tom put one of his finger in the bullet hole and the man screamed and said "the generator is in the basement" with a heavy accent. Tom then ran towards the basement where he saw three men all of them shot at him and he got hit in the shoulder. He then his behind a wall and drew a breath and got out and started firing at them. Two of the men got hit but the third did not and there were no more bullets in his gun so he threw it at the guy. He then ran towards him and tacked him down and used his gun to shoot him in the head. He then walked down a large colourless corridor and saw a large stairwell leading downstairs. He went down and saw a generator. He then fired three bullets in the generator and all the lights went off and it was total darkness. Tom drew a large breath and walked upstairs quietly without making a sound. When he got into the large corridor he heard men coming from the south direction. He pulled his weapon to his chest level and started firing in that direction. After he killed four other men he walked back to the room where Marlon was and threw him to a corner he then pulled up the chair and sat beside him. He said "that shot did miss your arteries Marlon but you are still bleeding but you have a lot of time before you bleed out but you see if I put this piece of glass." He pulled the piece of glass from his thighs and continued "in your abdomen and start pulling out your intestines then you will die quickly but experience a lot of pain the decision is yours grandpa." Marlon made no reply and so tom continued "you see i was undercover in that team because I suspected that there was a mole in that team and then you attacked our team on our way back so someone gave you information that helped you in doing so therefore theory confirmed you had a mole in our group so who was it."
    "It was a person names Vikram he was your mole."
    "Well even the best of us flips but see this is going so nice. Now why did you attack us."
    "Because you were going to kill my son I tried to warn him but I was too late so I decided to take revenge."
    "You are his dad what was his name hasan. Its nice to meet you by the way and I can't remember properly but still I think that he suffered. He was so weak and when he was shot he was gasping for air. It was so funny you should have seem it."
    "You .." Before he could say anything tom cut him off and said "alright grandpa enough now next question these guns you have where did you get them."
    "I can't tell you that."
    "If you don't then you will see your last meal."
    "Alright it was a Russian named Mikhail Kharkov. That is all I have a name nothing else."
    "Thanks that will be enough." Tom raised his gun to Marlon's head and said "thanks for your cooperation"
    "Go to hell."
    "I will meet you there shortly." Tom pulled the trigger and three bullets in his head. He then pulled out Marlon's wallet and took out the money. He then started walking outside the building on his way bodies were lying and there was blood everywhere. When he got out he saw that he was in the middle of a crowded bazaar. There were small shops set on either side of the road filled with many people who were talking loudly and there was also loud music playing. Tom heard the language that was being spoken and recognized it as Persian and knew he was in the middle east. He said to himself "I could use some sun" and disappeared in the crowd.

    (If you like it them next part coming soon)