• feltntold 49w

    Cigarette Diaries

    I asked for a Bensen(cigarette) at a shop and took the first puff. It is really amazing how your body relaxes as the smoke moves out of your mouth. The chill of the wind, warmth of the smoke and you can forget everything for some time. I started moving beind the shop to find a corner of the world where no one could see me. As i took another one from the cigarette, I started gazing at the slums in front of me. The red bricks matching the hues of the sky with some smoke from the burning wood. Two smokes seem to mix one from my cigarette and the other from the chulah(wood based stove) where the women were cooking. Kids played the best games they could with deficiency of the gears and clothes. Men after working hard in the day were sitting discussing politics which sounded more like an argument. They had nothing. They were here at the corner of the world, yet they seemed content. they were happy. I took the last puff and threw the bud. As I was leaving I realised that the best worlds are found at the corner of other's world!