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  • raven63 3w

    My Heart Cries

    Darkness welcomes me
    So I fall into its
    liquid ebony night
    Drowning in its
    black solar waves
    not knowing
    my surroundings

    The unknown is quiet
    with it's unspoken words
    Holding a calmness that's
    terrifying in a beautiful way
    Only adding to secrets
    hid behind my smile

    Lost with no clue
    where to begin,
    leaves me exhausted
    from trying to stay strong
    Just trying to keep myself
    whole while others try to rip
    me apart
    Nothing hurts more, the pain
    needs not be underneath

    You see I am made
    of flaws and stitches,
    which grow into more
    each day
    and when my lips
    can't express
    these feelings....
    my heart cries for me

  • raven63 4w

    Make Me Want

    You make me want
    to be my best
    With simple words
    you say
    Making me feel
    I'm blessed
    Got me jonesing for
    you each day
    Bring out my biggest
    Making my thoughts
    Normally this isn't
    my style
    Hypnotized left in
    a trance

    Got me all up in
    my feelings
    So unsteady on
    my feet 
    My whole world
    is reeling
    As my life feels

    Can't remember when
    someone left that impression
    Tell me if a question asked
    would you be my obsession 
    Would you rock me steady
    Doing me right all night long
    telling you baby I'm ready
    Is your stroking that strong?
    Just to be in your company
    Would be the most amazing 
    You would bring a harmony
    As my feelings keep raising 

  • raven63 4w


    Delicately words are
    placed gently
    Woven to explain
    our thoughts
    How descriptive
    is used aplenty
    Secrets and lessons
    that were taught

    Often sending
    out messages
    Laying hidden
    within our lines
    As we take the reader
    on a voyage
    An emotional ride
    by our design

    All forms perhaps
    with some rhymes
    Metaphors with
    Paradox's, different
    irony is so sublime
    Opening minds to
    use imagination

    Sharing our most
    inner dreams
    While we attempt
    to become whole
    Releasing thoughts
    as they stream
    To let poetry touch
    another's soul

  • raven63 5w

    I Need You

    A darkness came over me,
    covering me with grey
    Making my sun die on that
    dark depressing day
    My soul feeling it was
    slowly suffocating too
    Another essence called
    out to mine true

    Fighting through darkness
    reaching through the mist
    Found the other essence
    blowing it a kiss
    Hoping the other felt
    the pull I was feeling
    Like the moon has on water
    sounding so appealing

    .Essence found its twin
    so it reached out
    It had no choice, there
    wasn't any doubt
    Taking away darkness's
    cold grey mist
    Bringing a warm light
    back with a simple kiss

    Sunlight shines down,
    stars shine each night
    Twinkling even brighter
    giving me so much light
    Made a soul feel lighter,
    a heart so full and true
    All because I reached out
    to say that "I need you!"

  • raven63 6w

    ~What Was Broken~

    I Opened myself up
    to your words
    As they gently
    welcomed me in
    Letting me experience
    your emotions
    Every pain, love and
    guilty sin

    I strolled through
    each perfect rhyme
    Every poignant
    word I embraced
    Captivated by each
    of your stories
    And the picture your
    pen had traced

    I absorbed each
    of your feelings
    Through my veins
    they began to flow
    Hearing every word
    that you wrote
    Prayed one day a
    peace you'd know

    You teased my
    simple expectations
    With your music and the
    words you had spoken
    As if you was sending
    vibrations out searching
    For one to understand
    what was broken

  • raven63 6w

    ~Queen And King Of Rap~

    Beneath the sunsets dying breath
    Before the moons undying depth
    Where the fresh moist dew will sour 
    A king and queen will rise to power
    Spitting heat deep from the beast
    It's upon weak rappers that they feast

    True to each other the assassins bow
    Bleeding hearts they feed on now
    King of words that burn cutting deep
    He'll break you down then your soul he'll keep
    Queen of flow with beasts beside her 
    Many have wished they never tried her

    They say together pack so much heat
    Slaying pheasants who show deceit 
    They harness the sun's blistering fire
    Making them royalty with their empire
    Words that are so harsh, to others a crime
    None can compare to this royalty's rhymes

    Through your dreams they will creep
    While keeping their words cutting steep
    Take you where you don't want to go
    To a place where their words flow 
    Where the innocent scream in terror
    Where in your ways they will find error

    Riding on the moonlights silvery beams
    Playing upon everyone self-esteem 
    Living within the beats hot breath 
    Making you wish for a quick death
    Yet they have shown much restraint
    You see even satan was once a saint

  • raven63 6w

    ~With Angel Near~

    Between the heaven's
    and earth's reality
    Softly poetic angels
    sing so joyfully
    Gliding upon a gentle
    evening breeze
    Only to melt before the
    whispering pleas

    Wondering among the
    silken sighs
    Stars find their home
    within your eyes
    Magically darken clouds
    are transformed
    As moonbeams danced
    as they performed

    Within the atmosphere
    time then stood still
    Being noted upon white
    sheet and golden quill
    Stored in the library of
    the celestial sphere
    Where great love lives
    with the angels near

    #writers_paradise #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli

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    With Angels Near


  • raven63 7w

    ~One Deadly Sin~

    A feeling of overwhelming desire
    With intense eagerness you crave
    Leaves your body feeling on fire
    Emotion, feelings you are depraved

    Intense burning sexual appetite
    Leaves you a manipulating deceiver
    Not caring what's wrong or right
    Not caring if it's loves true believer

    Tangled sheets, bodies sweaty
    Relief from an overwhelming urge
    Just two bodies rocking steady
    Your need for a satisfactory purge

    Thoughts of only self-gratification
    Definitely a dubious human quality
    Though it's a pleasurable implication
    Being a big part of our own sensuality

    @shegram @diya_singh  
    #ceesreposts @ceyan2020 @john_solomon 

    #writers_paradise #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    One Deadly Sin


  • raven63 7w

    ~Mankind's Trust~

    Spanning across the
    nighttime skies
    Floating up with the
    wistful sighs
    Sparkling moonbeams
    will softly hint
    As star lite twinkling
    smiles imprint
    Stardust covers
    planets with zeal
    Kissing planets with
    a sweet appeal
    Time stands still in
    the atmosphere
    Admitting gentle waves
    so cavalier
    Caressing another soothing
    their soul
    Through the dimensions
    as they scroll
    Hushed whispers of how
    all the world's unjust
    Can ultimately transform
    into mankind's trust

    @shegram @diya_singh #ceesreposts @ceyan2020 @john_solomon

    @endofeternity @curious @ovais43 @the_jynx @love_poet

    #writers_paradise #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Mankind's Trust


  • raven63 9w

    Forever Miss

    Sitting under this
    beautiful sunset Eve
    An owl floated on
    a gentle breeze
    Bidding Farewell
    to sunlit skies
    Flowers blossoms
    closed with sighs

    Sleep all the squirrels
    tried to fight
    Awaiting the sun to
    melt into night
    When moon's beams
    silvery glow
    Danced with stars
    nightly show

    Kissing a wish sent
    it up above
    Sealing it with my
    undying love
    Finding my love
    presenting my kiss
    Telling him his face
    I forever miss