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  • readwriteunite 54w

    Things that matter!
    We do a lot of things in a lifetime. Agreed. But have you ever stopped midway and thought "is it worth it?" If your answer is yes or a big nod..This is the challenge you got to participate in! Tell us what are the things(mostly the silliest and smallest of things that actually takes up lot of space in our life) that matter to you which you hold close to your heart.

    ☆Include the #things_that_matter to enter the challenge

    ☆Keep it short

    ☆ Post your entries on or before Sunday

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    Things that matter


  • readwriteunite 55w

    ☆Construct a twelve word story that starts with a clichéd idea but ends with a twist, cos, who doesn't want to get surprised ����

    ☆So surprise us in all the creative ways!!

    ☆Use #cliché_with_twist to enter the challenge

    ☆Submit the entries before Monday

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    USE THE #cliché_with_twist TO ENTER THE CHALLENGE


  • readwriteunite 56w

    Hey people! Time for a new challenge. Today you are going to write about the fondest childhood memory. We all have this habit of holding onto moments that are fresh even after so many years. So write about something that happened when you were a kid.
    Use #little_grownups to enter the challenge. Submit the entries by Sunday. Let's rekindle the childhood memories!!

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    No word limit
    Make it as interesting as possible
    Submit the entries by Sunday
    Use #little_grownups to enter the challenge

  • readwriteunite 56w

    Hello Mirakeeans. We hope you are doing well. And, yes. It is time for another challenge. Well, actually we are announcing a series of challenges. It will be called the "autobiography session". Hold your horses. We aren't asking you to write your biography. Oh no, that would be too easy. We are taking a step further.

    Have you ever heard of an "object biography"? If you haven't, then don't worry..! We've got you covered. Object biography is a fictional autobiography of an inanimate object. It could be a bit difficult, but with some creativity, you might be able bring a different view of an everyday object.

    We'll be giving an object and the challenge would be to write its autobiography. And, we will be giving you more objects in the upcoming weeks in the mixture of other challenges. Sounds fun, yeah?

    Let's start with something easy. So, today's object is "paper". Go on. Write an autobiography of a paper. There's no word limit. You can write in any form. Submit your entries by 22nd of June. Use the tag #rwu_paper to enter the challenge. Good luck.

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    Write an autobiography of a paper. There's no word limit. You can write in any form. Submit your entries by 22nd of June. Use the tag #rwu_paper to enter the challenge.

  • readwriteunite 57w

    Pictures say different things for different people. So this challenge is all about coming with the best lines for the picture posted. Do not exceed four lines. Keep the background of your post as the picture posted. More than one entry is allowed. Use #lalaland_challenge to enter the challenge. Post your entries on or before Sunday !!

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  • readwriteunite 57w

    Dawn. The first ray of the Sun. A new beginning.
    Write a post (poem or a story) revolving around the word "dawn". There's no word limit. You can enter the challenge by 13th of June.
    Enter the challenge by using the tag #rwu_dawn
    Good luck.

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    Compose a post around the word "dawn".
    Use the tag #rwu_dawn to enter the challenge and post your entry by 13th of June.

  • readwriteunite 58w

    We are back! And not just back..We are back with the spoonful of "booom", a jar full of "blast", and a bag full of new challenges!!

    Let's restart the journey from wherever we dropped off! Let's drop some more dots near the single dot we left in the last post!!

    Welcome back to us!! Welcome to all the newbies in Mirakee and let's all welcome the magic in the words all over again!!

    So, today's challenge is building up a conversation with a best comeback in it!! Make it as funny as possible !! Make it short and sweet.Post it within Friday! Use #best_comeback to enter the challenge !!

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    We are back !!

    Happy to be back guys!! Gear up to play with the words and new challenges!!

    Use #best_comeback for the very first challenge after our Lil' break !!
    More than one post is allowed!!

  • readwriteunite 62w

    Hello guys! The rwu team is taking a short break. But, we'll be back soon. Till then, keep writing !

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  • readwriteunite 64w

    From the aliens to the time travel. Science fiction gives you a bowl full of thoughts. Let's see how far you can think. Today's topic is "science fiction". Yes, the whole genre. Try your best. You have plenty of time ahead.
    Use the tag #rwu_scifi to enter the challenge. Submit your entries by 26th of April. There's no word limit.

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    Science fiction is the topic for today's challenge.
    Details are in the caption.

  • readwriteunite 65w

    Perspectives! Today's challenge is all about perspectives.So all you got to do is walk us through a situation and throw us light on a complete different side of the same situation!!
    Use the tag #diff_perspectives
    Submit the entries before Friday!!

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    Use the tag #diff_perspectives
    Submit the entries before Friday!!