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  • ronaqjahan 3h


    //Teriya mahobaata ne maar suttya
    Dss ki kraa-----------

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    If you are cool
    Dont think i m fool
    If you regret
    Dont think i forget
    I m smarter than you
    So, dont think that
    i am wasting my time
    for you.

  • ronaqjahan 2d

    Now I m happy
    After 1 month 19 days and 1 hrs
    We are together
    With the help of some frndz and teachers.

    Minu mere yaar moddh do
    Modd Te rabb NE ����

    Safar dosti ka ab uhii chlta rhe
    Suraj chahe ab har shaam dhlta rhe
    Naa dhlegi meri dosti ki subah
    fr chahe ab har rishta badalta rhe.
    Aynakus ❤

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    There are some people
    Who are very important
    In my life
    And the people are my

  • ronaqjahan 3d

    Sanu vi Dukh hunda hai yaar tuc ta saanu pathar Dil hi smjh lea hai---------������

    Jaruri Nhi h j bnda hassda rve ta oh khush hi hove ��

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    So many people
    come into my life
    But no one stays in it.

  • ronaqjahan 5d

    _--__--Khatam ho raha hai mere khwaabo ka ye kaarva
    Apki bewafaayi aur humari wafaayi ka ye silsila___//

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    I live in delusion of affinity,
    Thats make my life
    so difficult that time.

  • ronaqjahan 1w

    Teri baato ko mene dil se lgana choddh dia hai
    Are jaa yaar
    Ab to mene tujhe apna khena bhi choddh dia hai.


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    When Ego enters in our life
    The Relationship was near
    to the end,
    The Friendship was broken
    And than they couldn't be
    still friends.

  • ronaqjahan 1w

    Ik dua maangi thi rabb se
    Vo jaye na durr kabhi hum se
    Pr hua kuch esa is zindagi mai
    Hum hue durr sabhi se.


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    I am confused that am i HUMAN BEING
    OR a PUPPET.
    Everyone want to play with my feelings,
    They enter in my life
    And get out of it,
    When their needs were fulfilled
    They put me beside.

  • ronaqjahan 1w

    Some memories will help to live our life.

    Bhot dino baad kuj hindi m post kiya hai
    Hope you like it��

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    Meri baato ko
    Meri yaado ko
    Tum bhula nhi paoge

    Meri khushiya
    Meri tasveere
    Tum kbhi mitta nhi paoge

    Jitna hum tutte hai ag
    Utna tum bhi tutt jaoge

    Ro oyge rulaoge
    Fr bhi hume apne kreeb paoge.

  • ronaqjahan 1w

    A girl with the good heart and the beautiful soul will always try to make smile on your face, but but
    No one can make her smile too.
    Its really hurt

    S: seeing other happiness
    U: united with heart
    K: knotting the relations
    A: admiring all
    N: normal personality
    Y: yours
    A: adorable

    M kesi hu mene in words ke through btaa dia agr apko lgta hai m bhda chdaa kr apne aap ko define krri hu tooo-��

    To bhai m kya kru����
    M jesi hu vese hi to btaungi hna����


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    S: sugary
    U: understanding
    K: kindhearted
    A: adaptable
    N: natural
    Y: youthful
    A: amiable
    This is me

  • ronaqjahan 2w

    Remember that:
    Don't beg anyone to stay In your life.
    If you are important
    They will never leave you.

    Dil tuttya awaaz na aayi
    Yaari phli vaari sajna si layi------��

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    Pain pain pain
    If you never feel
    the change
    I'll become insane.

  • ronaqjahan 2w

    I cried and cried Like a raining season,
    They give me pain wihtout any specific reason.

    You make faces like I do anything to you,
    I can't forget these lines from you.

    I will stand by your side,
    Instead you will always besides.

    I m always be their for your happiness,
    If you feel helplessness.


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    My feelings will never
    change for you.❤