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  • sanjay_writes 1w

    The Poets - tag your fav poet
    Somebody in time,
    Among the darkness of the ages,
    Picks the pen, as a anvil of the memories they carry,
    Blood follows in the acres of their hearts.
    Intentions of speaking from the dead of the past.
    To be released into the winds.
    Yet behold another one,
    Rays of warm sun in a winter defrosting the soul,
    Picks the pen, as to live again from bones dried,
    Once again to smile in the sunset, living as the youth carefree.
    A foresight of what was and is to be.
    Poets sparking the bonfire of life,
    Somethings as goodness are bought, and treachery is sold,
    The price of the souls of the purchase,
    In the living of day to day until all the years add up.
    For Poets speak a cry, they write of love or death of them,
    Toward the edge of the pit where the fires burns,
    Where the soul
    Of the Poet,
    either dies or lives in a season.
    The bonfire continues until the Poet,
    Writes no more.
    I cannot anticipate
    Who will love or who will hate
    Words of the poet, to despise or to appreciate .
    Poets have a theme
    Sung in ink from the heart it does seem
    Thinking and feeling for the blood so written in the life they regret or want to redeem
    A flower or blood of life is written
    As we make love to life or as we are painfully bitten
    We all share the same words
    From the heart it is heard
    Cries of pain of love in life or events we remember
    Happiness of love in life or sharing of life with others together
    The poet is artist of the ink
    Not so easy when feeling happy or sad to think
    As the feelings come and go at a moments blink
    Do not cry for the poet who makes tears
    Do not be sorry for the poets fears
    For the words written are their life in their years
    As the poet writes another song from thought
    Feelings get translated to what they have sought
    To heal, to share, to love..what life has brought .
    For time stands still in the poets words on paper written in blood or sunshine
    Theirs is a certain rhythm and rhyme
    Time after time
    For words are composed with blood, sweat, and tears expressed for eternity
    In midst of struggles, growth, happiness and strife,
    The poets are in a different mad fraternity
    Each, from the heart, brings their words from the heart to life
    Who's the writer?
    Is there a heaven?
    Is there a hell?
    Does happiness or even sadness even happen?
    We feel them, yet , do we really feel them?
    Are they just a cloth we put on in events of our lives to protect us?
    Does our minds fabricate reality to try understand what is, who we are and why we are?
    Questions that does not have a answers for some, others seem just know about them.
    In the final curtain call of life, have we lived the best we can? Have we searched
    for a meaning for this thing called destiny?
    Questions with so many meanings. It's not a wonder we all don't go mad.
    A meaning, a reason for something. Yet, each meaning or reason is just a layer of a onion
    we can pull off and find another one that's deeper. Seeming to never end.
    Until, until we find the naked truth. Each life is their own. A mandate by biology.
    Find my own purpose and reason. Find the greatest treasure of a individual.
    We don't have a density that we do not create. The tablet is clean to write on.
    Find who we are and write the destiny on the tablet. In then end..we find who we are.
    And all those questions, the answers will be revealed.

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    Poet's life circumstances

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  • sanjay_writes 2w

    Special for you my dearest beautiful lady @mahak_vaid18

    I am the song
    Of her soul
    She will never hear...
    I am the light
    In her darkness
    She will never feel..
    I am the dancer
    Of the dance she will never dance with...

    Cloudy whispers she thinks
    She hears
    Echoes of her past..
    Haunts her.
    Looking all around
    For love..
    That's never found..
    For she never looked at me.

    She sees the flesh,
    Not the soul
    She feels the skin..
    Not the tenderness

    I am the best for her
    She will never..have.
    For she does not even see me..
    Right in front of her eyes....

    Tears not cried to my soul,
    Waters hear me yell my thoughts,
    Life to live in part or whole,
    It's the life of have and have nots.

    A serenade for the ages,
    Where did the love go we had?
    Where was love written in our pages?
    Where did my life go bad?

    Waters misty waters calm,
    Hear the beating of my lovely heart,
    As love was in my palm,
    Calling the waters to not let me fall apart.

    Missing you I often think,
    Lovers and friends we were at this tender life,
    Sometimes we might not come back at a blink,
    Waters heal my strife.

    Take me back to when life was simple and free,
    Take me back to where I want to be,
    Waters let me see,
    Who I used to be.

    So, so it is.
    I have loved, and still love you my beloved.
    Tonight the love of a thousand moons dies.
    In the air over the seas of dreams :

    Glory in what was once love in the ocean.
    Heard soft as waves from her lips singing
    The foam that rippled by the shore,
    The night birds flying masked in the clouds.
    The moon once hung in the sky as
    Watercolors of our passion.
    In the night, gentle and serene.
    Hanging in lands of forever, to be admired.
    For the stars became the witness of our art.
    The crest of the moon carries my tears.
    Dropping into the ocean, silently.

    Once the night was silver, shinning with a
    smile as she reflected off the waves forming.
    Now, blackness in the sky where the moons
    Used to hang, darkness now sings the melody
    of a thousand moons of love that died.

    The pale moon seeks her face
    Nth degrees of her isolation
    Softness feels the disgrace
    Gentleness feels the frustration .
    Where are you, why do you hide?
    Silence is your vocabulary
    What are you feeling inside?
    Are you waiting for a coming of some peaceful sanctuary ?

    Let not the night pass without my dear, a kiss
    Let not heart worry do I think of you ?
    It's you my love I miss
    I do. I honestly truly do.

    Let the moon ride tonight
    Show yourself and reveal
    Kiss me,
    So way may seal..

    Our love tonight,
    Under the now bright
    Forever, tonight.

    Possibly the air gets hurt,
    As the blade of grass slices her moving in the wind.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    The way of the fires that burns, melting the frozen ice,
    Into waters of pure.
    Possibly the water hurts wanting to be solid to be one.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    I have tasted my whispers that died deaths in wishing love.
    The bones in me tired of calling to false love.
    I have danced alone in the moonlight with dreams as a partner for life.
    Thinking love was a friend, only to to be disguised as a phantom.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.
    Bright eyes of yours looking at vistas of the world,
    Telling each of the growth of love.
    Finding out love does not grow without hurt and compassion.
    So, I find In me,
    That I love you blind, I love completely.
    A measure of my smile kissing yours,
    I am in love with you,
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is

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    She will never hear

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  • sanjay_writes 3w

    I woke up into the past
    With not any new footprints from me into the future.
    There I was, flowers and bugs. Sunshine and coldness danced.
    I saw my lovers, some dead of the spirit, of the flesh in the future.
    Walking forward walking toward my birth.
    I feel the memories come alive.
    Lessons are my roads to travel.
    On the ground many of my broken hearts.
    Each one carries a name.
    Cutipie,sweetheart,baby and and many more naked names burn in thy skull.
    Each had flesh fine of the touch.
    Each left flames in my heart.
    Some I remember, some I forget.
    On the trees, leaves of my days.
    Burnt, alive of green. The good and bad.
    Each decays as the winds blows of time.
    I trace my steps, each leading to myself.
    The youth of the dreamer,
    Only to find dreams shattered from reality.
    Each a lesson, each day my life.
    For the greatest teacher is my past.
    As I walked,
    As I grew,
    As I became a man.
    I still carry the past.
    For each person is never new;
    Only life is,
    I am the past loving today,
    As others are.

    Does anybody feel my heart?
    Can I sleep a night in peace?
    Somebody hold my heart in love,
    If you hear me whisper to you,
    If you feel my heart, let me know.
    I call upon the flowers of the green,
    I need to know,
    Does anybody hear my call,
    Does any body know what I seen.
    I sing upon roses of the red,
    In my heart, wanting to know,
    Tired, tired, what's the use, laying in my bed,
    Save my heart as a soft wind the will blow.
    Off to sleep,
    In my heart I felt a kiss, understanding heart,
    In my sleep,
    He felt me, he knew how I felt,
    He knows how my love is deep.

    Still in my heart,
    What can more can I say?
    Fond memories still linger,
    Upon my love that does not dare fade away.
    Still calling the Rose a rose,
    Memories with happiness and tears,
    A sweet kiss to her heart,
    That has been bottled inside for so, so many years.
    Does she not know I fell apart?
    Longing for another seems no use,
    Touching another with her memories as we embrace,
    Kissing another with her taste,
    Closing my eyes in another's arm with her lovely face.
    The butterfly has her beauty,
    Her skin tender as the wings,
    With a cast in the night,
    I hear her voice as the night sings.
    The sweet wind sings of a lovely smile,
    Melody of a millions harps playing our tune,
    Winter cast the season,
    Her face as a rose that blooms in June.
    Think of her sitting on the outside,
    She is very much inside,
    Moons glare spread in the night,
    My love for her I hide.

    Look in my eyes, they seen many things in good and bad,
    Feel my soul, spirits of good and evil touched me in my life to effect,
    Hear my heart, whisper to you things to make you sad,
    Older, wiser and more, now I reflect.

    Warm to the touch my heart,
    In the dawn of a gentle summer evening,
    Way back to innocence before falling apart,
    Way back to a moment in time I was naive.

    Calling of the birds sang soft in the air,
    I saw the beauty in the Rose,
    With my wondering fresh stare,
    What happened to those days, I often wonder, who knows?

    Those days I had a soft sincerity,
    Those days in a warm breeze that came to my heart in love to touch,
    In my thoughts I saw all in a loving clarity,
    No more of that vision and feeling I miss so much.
    For my innocence to the world did not yet lose his virginity.

    Friends I loved who I trusted stabbed me in the back,
    So many times I hurt alone and just in the dark cry,
    In the world of so called friends and lovers that attack,
    I said to the virginity of my innocence 'bye bye'. For they all hurt when wrong deeds are done,
    But lover hurt me so bad,
    In mind and spirit some things cannot be undone,
    Often feeling I was just used and been had.

    Love has two sides not often said,
    The good to share, and the bad to slice a heart,
    At home, at work, at play and in bed,
    The blade of abuse and neglect cut my heart apart.

    Cannot the Rose I saw once of beauty and sweetness come again now?
    Must I suffer the wrath of life in my world to again trust?
    Dear sweet Rose tell me please how?
    Can you tell me how again to be just... The flower that loves again to others in sprit and mind,
    The butterfly that gently guides his wings to be kind,
    To leave that world of bad behind.

    Crying in the pillow so often, at day faking I was strong.
    Before was love, it was my world in a tender construction,
    After others who did me wrong,
    It was love, who did my hearts destruction.

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    Leaving in the past
    virginity of my innocence

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  • sanjay_writes 4w

    What do you think? Do you agree?
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    Special for you my dearest beautiful lady @mahak_vaid18

    Time of the past moves to my future,
    Covered by my solace wrapped in a illusion,
    As my heart is in suture,
    In a mist of my misery and confusion.
    Upon I love on these lands,
    Hours, minutes, and days alone to think,
    In wishful kisses and tenderly holding hands,
    The registry and reality of its impact makes my heart deeply sink.
    There will be for us, no tomorrow,
    There will be no us in days,
    Only my sorrow,
    In my heart and soul is where my sadness plays.
    My own tender softness in comfort is in my solace so silent and agile,
    Dreams built on sand that does not last,
    Another heartbreak for my heart was never tough but fragile,
    Another dream that does not come true today so true it was in my past.
    I hear my tears drop by drop fall,
    Each has a name of a shattered dream of you and me,
    Each drop silently makes my world crawl,
    I feel my eyes water so tenderly, each etched in a broken eternity.
    No more of the bright nights in my thoughts,
    No more of kisses lasting for so long in time,
    For what broken love has brought,
    For life is a sad song with no rhyme.
    I dug my own heart's grave,
    Oh I love again and I did not see,
    In my comfort in my solace my heart I must save,
    For loving someone who does not love me.

    I seek not of the flame, for I dwell in the darkness.
    I Need not write my message into the bottle and throw it upon the shores,
    Upon the waves of the wide ocean, only to have it sink my message of love.

    I am but a simple man, seeking love.
    Who am I,
    Even in a delusion I know who
    I am, even if false.
    Giving here, giving there,,both get
    All of me.
    What's left after I give,
    A shell of me.
    A man who gives..bye to any chance.
    Feeling as I am a container that leaks within to a silence.

    What am I but:
    Stardust that fell into a black hole.
    I light in world fake and white ,
    I am the empty space only letting others shine.

    Once my identity was revealed by the twinkle in your eyes.
    the flower I held was true of beauty.
    My voice heard in your soft hands on my face.
    I remember my feet danced to your heart beat looking at our home...
    The scars I feel on my back,
    The home of the wings you gave feeling I could fly higher for you would be proud of me, of us.

    Without you my dear...I am just a shell..a corpse search of answers.

    The choir of daylight has sung,
    All at rest, the night sings beautiful silence,
    all showers off the hardness of the day,
    The dirt, the pollution of words not wanting to hear.
    My love, take your naked hands and come to me,
    Let your palm begin where my skin ends,
    Let your wide eyes begin where my soul is the deepest for you.
    For my melted heart is yours.
    You know how it is;
    You and I are not man and woman, nor two in love,
    We are those, yes.
    But we are the sum, the totality of life and love.
    I remember my dear, I remember,
    your homeless heart just laying
    in your chest, not fed with love
    Starving and thirsty of a soul,
    cold with no arms to hold at night
    fears with no ear to share with
    And I give her a home.
    In my chest..fed with love
    warmth with arms to hold
    ears to listen to your fears.
    We both starved in blood and stars,
    Seeking one, seeking the wind that echoes whispers.
    Come with your naked palms,
    Come let me get your heart
    out of the cold,
    and give her a home
    in mine.

    You sit,
    Magical in the way you play your piano,
    I feel your sadness making sweet love to those keys
    With your gentle fingers that touched my face.
    I feel your fingers, I feel the music, I feel you
    Softly swimming in my heart.
    I watch silently
    My heart is still in sadness and love for you
    Your eyes reveal infinite love
    Your smile shows what beauty is.
    Your beautifully loving tears sing the songs
    never sang in your heart.
    And they must be beautiful songs.
    As I hear the music. For your joys never shared
    with another, afraid no one would listen.
    My tears dance my love, my darling, with yours.
    I am hearing you from inside. That vacant house you play
    Of love. Now filled by me. Now filled by 'we'
    Over time of pain, now over time of love
    I listed to you,
    playing the piano as your
    soul gently makes love to
    the black and white keys.
    As you make love to my heart.

    The path of the Moons rise,
    Is set,
    The Rise of the morning glory in the Sun,
    Is set,
    But have we shared,
    Anything of value yet?
    Trying to comprehend,
    What you say,
    Trying to fix and mend,
    Things gone wrong,
    before it goes away.
    Eyes so focused, limited in view,
    Not hearing a word said,
    Not knowing what to say to you,
    Not listening, only speaking what's in your heart and head.
    Many flowers grow,
    In the fields of gardens that yields,
    Others also know,
    So you don't have to put up your shields.
    There is more than one way to skin a cat,
    There is more than one type of hat,
    There are other points of view,
    Not only the thinking of you.
    You say right, I say left, no where it seems we have met,
    Then you say left, and I agree and say right,
    But your mind seems set,
    Turning into another fight.
    Then we seem to cry,
    Always saying, we never did lie.
    Words used against each other in an attack,
    Seems to be the choice,
    Offensive maneuvers never giving any slack,
    With weapons, called our voice.
    Used by our hearts,
    Even as we fall apart.
    Even daily, wishing for a brand new start.
    It's never too late until it's too late,
    Let's think, be reasonable and wait.
    Let the pain reside,
    Let the love no longer hide,
    Stay, stay my dear, by my side.

    What in the world
    happened to my life? Once I was flying
    Seemingly out of no where
    My life feels like it is dying.
    How can I handle all this drama?
    Loving and caring, everyone seems to dump on me
    Pain, bitter fights
    I just want to sing so tenderly.
    The terms they use
    Going into realms of abuse I don't want or care
    Wishing, hoping and praying
    Not wanting to go there.
    One side say this another says that
    It seems I am caught in the middle
    Not wanting to take side
    It is me they play as a fiddle.
    The Rose is split
    Feel my heart torn by their hate
    They don't give any love
    They don't seem to appreciate.
    What I have done for them
    In name of being a friend
    Just wanting everything
    To come to end.
    Tired of the calls to me
    Telling me lies
    Cause in the end
    All I know, are the goodbyes.

    I am just a man,
    No more, no less.
    Scattered among the ashes of
    blown away memories
    I once exiled from my heart,
    Sometimes comes back and haunts me.
    As weed as poison ivy.
    Leaving the ravages and venom of the past
    On my skin.
    Now and then a songs comes back
    My soul dances to,
    Alone, with my dancer in my heart.
    Memories disguised as now in time.
    The brief smile comes,
    And if I'm lucky last a entire day.
    For I am no more and no less then what
    You see.
    The fragility of life we try to seek
    Answers to questions we will never find.
    I am just a man,
    No more no less..

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    change is hard for a short while but staying is misery forever

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  • sanjay_writes 4w

    May be you have not proposed the one you like
    may be he or she is not even aware that you have a crush on them but you have imagined them every time you saw a couple holding hand in hand or hugging in public
    You have imagined how you would hold the one you like
    you have imagined that it feels beautiful to be kissed
    You have imagined telling all of your secrets
    You have imagined staying all night awake for them, you have imagined how would you greet his/her parents when you see them for the first time
    you have imagined going out for a walk together every evening and biting a same ice cream
    You have imagined reading out your most favourite book in front of him or her
    You have imagined seeing her or him cooking something for you You have imagined herhis legs on you when you are on the bed You have imagined that she/her is lying on your lap and you are caressing her/her hair
    Haven’t you?

    You thought you’ll find love but true love happens once in a lifetime. Never lose it
    it's rare, it is heavenly approved
    It is something out of this world
    it is priceless, no one can buy
    it is made of feelings
    it is made of heavenly fragrances
    it is made of divine hymns, it is made of purity
    it is made of wishes, it is made of holy water
    it is made of prayers and see how dumb you are that you traded it for money, which depreciates with time
    And whatever you did, it was not even for u
    it was for the society, and it makes me believe that all your degrees were baseless, useless
    and worth nothing because you could not understand the simple calculation of true love and you just sold it for nothing

    Whats your take on it? .
    Sometimes, it feels so good to say beautiful words but you know your reality
    you know what you think and you know what you’re delivering.
    And the strangest part is you are just scared to tell the world it matters to you
    because if you’ve not done anything with someone, you would expect the same
    and you’re just scared because you know if you tell the truth they will tell you
    “you are disgusting” and if you question a inner self then it’s a serious issue, it’s something private, you should not ask such question, other labels are “you’ve got a cheap mentality, seriously you have to change the way you think,
    and you know getting intimated with someone is not a big deal they say but they lie, and the truth is not everyone has guts and gumption to tell what they really think about it...however they say the things which leave beautiful impressions. .

    How strange the world is, when you help someone they start thinking you care for them as a boyfriend or a girlfriend,
    they start thinking you are giving them signals by your suggestions, and when you don’t help them they think you are rude, you are inhuman, you don’t have a heart. How crazy the world is.

    It is understandable that you get frustrated with their peculiar behaviour like they start assuming that you consider them bf or gf when in reality you don’t even have any clue about it... it shakes your world up and it makes you think what the heck is going on, when all you are trying to do is, help to cope with all that pain.
    But most of the time people take you wrong specially the one who has an opposite gender.

    this world has becomes so strange,
    if you are in a relationship why do you hide it while talking to an opposite gender?
    do you want their attention too?
    Or aren’t you serious about the one you are already with?
    Why all these games? Why all these lies?
    You stay online all night and say you don’t have anyone?
    Then tell who can stay awake for you to talk all night? Ever night?
    A friend? Not possible, A relative?
    You hardly talk to relatives... same gender?
    Do you think you will spend entire night talking to the same gender? That too every night?
    It is not understandable, may be something is goofed up.

    At the end, everyone will get settled except you.
    And don’t think you are using someone while in relationship because they are using your body too for temporary pleasure. .
    Be with only one,
    you learn about love, because staying or getting intimate with everyone wont teach you anything except becoming emotionless. .
    The worst part is you are damaging your image too, it is understandable you don’t care what people think of you, but it will surely matter to you the day your inner-self starts talking to you.

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    For I am what you make me,
    My love is blind, my love.
    Calling out,
    Shouting within,
    Pain rains as storm in summer.
    A sunburn in the midnight hour.
    The air of darkness and taste of sorrow,
    The dance of despair in a flower bed.
    I hear the echoes of thorns in my blood,
    And the taste of the cut in my lips.
    Everything you are, felt in my core,
    For when you get in pain and cut,
    My love for you,
    I bleed for you if needed until death.

  • sanjay_writes 5w

    *.Every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I melt and fall in love with you again and again and again.

    *.When we are apart, I'm only lf the man I want to be.

    *.I love the way your hair feels as I run my fingers through them.

    *.Paradise exists when I'm in your arms.

    *.A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

    *.I don't know what I would do without you in my life.

    *.You make me feel weak in the knees when Itouch you.

    *.I can sit beside you and watch you sleep allmy life, you are just so lovely!

    *.I can stay awake all my life, just to be the first one to kiss you every morning and see you smile!

    *.You are the reason why I find this world beautiful.

    *.Time will progress and so will your age butmy love for you will always remain intact

    .*.I'll be there till the stars don't shine, till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme, Iknow when I die, you'll be on my mind, andI'll love you, Always...

    *.Listening to your heartbeats is a pleasure.

    *.I could stare at you forever and I'd still feel like I haven't had enough of you.

    *.You make my sadness disappear with yourbeautiful smile.

    *.I love the way you feel in my arms when I hug you goodbye.

    *.I know we have our share of ups and downs. Sometimes I bug you, sometimes you annoy me. I crib, nag, demand. You and your monosyllabic replies! But I'd feel weird if these things did not happen. They define the bond that we share.

    *.Your cute smile makes me melt.*.I love the way your skin feels so soft when I run my hands over it.

    *.Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful I can't help but get lost in them.

    *.I think God was high when he created you because there's no one else who comes so close to perfection.

    *.I love the way you say you love me when I kiss you goodnight over the phone.

    *.I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.

    *.They say a picture tells 1,000 words but when I see yours all I see is 3:

    *.You are my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything.

    *.Without you, a moment seems to last a thousand years.

    *.You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest...

    *.When our eyes meet in a crowded place, I feel this warm smile spreading over my face. I don't want to smile, but I do involuntarily. It's like nothing in this world matters more than that one look.

    *.If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

    *.Knowing you has changed my world and nothing in it will ever be the same again.

    *.Your love has taught me how to dream when I'm awake.

    *.I love us for how random, crazy, retarded, and so perfectly in sync we are! Nobody gets me the way you do. I don't care what people think or say, as long as I'm with you! 6 days, 2 months or 4 years, the butterflies in my stomach are here to stay!

    *.You showed me how much love I have to give. Now you get to take it all!

    *.When I think of you, everything's suddenly alright.

    *.Yes, being with you can sometimes be as annoying as having a scar that just won't go away. But I'd really rather have that scar. Because I know that without the scar, I'd be incomplete, d.

    *.I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night.

    *.You make me feel so happy when I'm with you, my jaws hurt.

    *.Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I loveyou. I was doing great untill I ran out of stars.

    *.Watching your smile or hearing you talk makes my heart go boom boom.

    *.Whenever you are away, I miss our smile the most.

    *.You are the reason why I find this world beautiful.

    *.I don't mind you laughing and being happyaround a hundred other people as long as mine is the only shoulder you look for when the tears well up. I don't want anyoneelse to see you vulnerable m always with your heart
    Ever nd forever

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    Fall in love with you again

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  • sanjay_writes 7w

    A dream came to me,
    One night in the past,
    That's become reality.
    Once the road was clear,
    Once the path was set,
    I saw her with my eyes,
    But not yet.
    Once upon the fog,
    A mist came over me,
    Picked me up,
    Dragged me over the sea.
    An Angel that looked like her,
    An Angel that walked on air,
    So so lovely and pretty,
    She had a heavens flair.
    She said I was hers,
    She was mine in the past,
    To be eternal flames,
    Forever to last.
    I was put back on the ground,
    Woke up and not a sound,
    Hearing my heart beat in love,
    I could not stop thinking about
    what had happened above.
    Loves winds flew my way,
    Loves winds swept away,
    Loves winds came to me today,
    I now see her on the road,
    Human now or possibly my imagination
    both the same,
    She looks at me and smiles,
    I go and meet my eternal flame.
    Not a word was said,
    She knew me and it showed,
    Here long at last,
    I met my soul mate on heavens road.

    A cry in my whisper I hear,
    For the truth cast no illusion,
    Just a fancy thought, a wish I had,
    Thinking I very real delusion.

    I thought she might want me,
    I thought of giving her all my love the best I can,
    Singing songs of love,
    Thinking I could be her man.

    What is a lie?
    To make me feel happy and good,
    For me to even think,
    For myself I misunderstood.

    Realize there will be no love,
    I was acting out a false dream in the night and day,
    Smart, pretty..she is,
    Never even looking my way.

    For I was false to my heart in feeling and thought,
    Thinking, I could of have been,
    Not thinking I was,
    A has been.

    Dreams to live, the ones that made me so happy,
    Not founded on the truth,
    Throw away the dream I had of you and me,
    For the ugly reality of the truth.. I know now,
    I can say I see,
    It will not, ever be me.

    What songs do I listen to heal?
    How many hearts are their kissing my wounds,
    as the moon carries my tender tune in her glow.
    Thoughts, compassion in a evening fog,
    misty is my heart as feelings swell uncontrolled.
    How many hearts did I cry for in a morning glory?
    As nobody cares for my heart or story.
    Does a Rose cry and nobody hears,
    her tender and gentle fears?
    When the sun sleeps upon a soft sky,
    does anyone feel, me and my silent cry?
    Tenderness sleeps tonight as she cries to sleep,
    gentleness is lost as tenderness is trying to keep.
    Venus of love cries as somber thoughts carry my heart,
    to lands where flowers are gray and butterflies cry in the day,
    Not evil is the tune winds play upon my world,
    a longing for someone to let me be their world.
    I want to be the moon, sun and laugh for the one,
    the one who will carry my heart as a prized soul to love.
    Gentleness, daughter of tenderness feels inside as a flower that does not bloom,
    mother of tenderness goes to sleep in crying, goes to bed with no love dying,
    father of strength left me tonight,
    feeling weak, feeling alone in my heart tonight.
    Inside they all sleep.
    Gentleness, softness has gone away,
    thinking of how many I cried for,
    Yet they did not cry for me.

    Hear not a whisper
    To my soul
    Fear not the consequences
    Of losing all control
    Feel not the struggles
    Of getting myself out of this hole
    Betrayed my own mind
    For passion I feel
    Falling in love again
    To what my heart thinks is real
    In a dawn of night
    Passion runs free
    But I'm blind
    To what I should see
    This not right
    This so wrong
    To embark in another
    Forbidden dark song
    I should not feel
    Passion overpowering me
    I know better
    I know it was not meant to be
    Can I not control my heart?
    Falling for another who is broken
    I did not hear the words
    My mind has spoken .
    Never another like
    Their kind
    They all seem to be the same
    As my heart is blind.
    My mind says no
    My heart says yes
    Betrayal of my oath to myself
    Knowing in the end, I will be a mess.

    The shades of your eyes.
    Eternity is sliced in two,
    My love, how flags in shores of memories live.
    I do know the future and the past, made me.
    I don't know how to love, I just love you.
    In your wide eyes, I see the suffering that haunts me.
    I love you when your eyes smile on the flowers of the field,
    And suffer when you suffer alone even in my care and love.
    Split of the heart in two, I suffer in my heart, not telling you.
    How in your pain, blackness comes to me. Love does that my dear.
    As if all the pretty flowers wave goodbye and the air taste of blood.
    For truth, my love,
    I reach into the sky and yell why must you suffer.
    I rather suffer loving you, if you are pain and hurt.
    Then to be alone, for that's a price of love I pay.
    The shades of your eyes hold my heart, in the circle of time.
    My love, come to me, in this circle.
    To be held and be my past and future.

    Who am I to say,
    When the one I love,
    Doesn't love me
    Yet she loves others.
    What am i to become
    When I see a flower so beautiful
    And bloomed of sweetness
    Such as I never seen
    Turns away.
    Why is sun so gray?
    Passing rays to others
    Missing me
    When can I hear
    The voice of love?
    When silence is my only tune.
    How can the colors not be dark
    In a rainbow called love.
    Since the her gardens bloom
    For others
    I tend the fields of a barren heart
    Cold, isolated on winds that blow
    of air alone.
    Speak no more I will
    Because no ears to hear me
    No arms to embrace me
    No love to wrap around my heart
    Naked in the world as man
    Left alone.
    Call the angels above
    With sincerity
    There is a hell
    And it's here on earth
    Without her love.
    I say grace in darkness
    That casts a shadow of being
    In misery.

    Does anybody feel my heart?
    Can I sleep a night in peace?
    Somebody hold my heart in love,
    If you hear me whisper to you,
    If you feel my heart, let me know.
    I call upon the flowers of the green,
    I need to know,
    does anybody hear my call?
    Does anybody know what I have seen?
    I sing upon roses of the red,
    in my heart, wanting to know,
    tired, tired, what's the use, laying on my window,
    save my heart as a soft wind that will blow.

    Silence as the winds of fate
    collide in a warmth of a sweet night
    Finding out being unwanted anywhere
    is the coldest wind that blows in the air
    Stack of leaves lay on the ground
    brown as they decay
    nearby tree where
    I carved her initials and mine
    In the heart
    I formed from the imprint of my soul.
    Silence seems to be the best answer
    I just want to cry and lie down
    comforted by tears
    who never abandoned me as other do.
    Darkness my dear
    hello again
    seems we sing and dance again in the songs of sadness.
    The tree of love I wrote our names on
    serves as a tombstone of my love.
    the leaves will decay nobody will remember them
    as my love for you
    nobody will shed a tear for me
    why should they?
    it was never their tree
    only mine for you
    only my love for you..
    are you ready darkness again we embrace each other
    loneliness and sadness of the dance floor
    as silence is our music we play
    let my heart be the silent audience
    let my tears
    each one
    clap sadness on my face
    Let's dance..tonight
    to silence of being unloved
    By the one I love.

    Is the price of love,
    To high to pay?
    For my heart?
    Looking at each relationship part by part,
    Shot more then a few times by the arrow from Cupid,
    When it's over, often looking and feeling stupid.
    Is the price to high,
    When it's over my heart torn up, hardens in a slow death die,
    Each price we pay for each relationship,
    One more chance, more more swim I take a dip,
    Swimming in these waters at first seem so clear,
    Becomes later, resentment, jealousy and fear.
    Getting out of the waters hurt to dry,
    Bleeding tears, bleeding all night in my cry,
    Often asking why, why why..

    Love is a gamble.
    You lose to win and you win to lose
    When you lose
    the loneliness around you sparks the urge of hunger in your heart
    the ache of being with someone.
    You always find yourself going through the dry runs
    You roll the dice on the not so flat surface, called life
    again and again, but you only get a flashback of the struggles and strife that you had gone through.
    Your mind dives into the pool of greys and blues.
    Everywhere you see the dark and the gloom,
    even in the stars and the moon.
    The dejected thoughts of your mind,
    holds you tight, blocking your insights.
    You suffocate, you struggle,
    to be free from the demons which have trapped your
    intimidating you from you in real.
    You fight back, you rise up,
    rise above,
    you rise above from the word called love.
    You start singing your new song on a new tune,
    then you realize that you have reached the point,
    where the loss tends to swoon.
    You let the world see the fire burning in you,
    at the same time,
    the calmness thriving
    inside, deeper than the sea,
    which makes you strong, steady and YOU.
    The refreshing naïve colors of life ignites the passion in your eager limbs,
    illuminating every corner that had once gone dim.
    And then you say, "honey,
    I don’t need any new neither do I need you".

    Every day feels the same.
    The same everyday thoughts turning into everyday words.
    The same nothingness filling the fullness of time.
    Every moment ends the same-as a distant memory.
    Everything looks the same as everything changes: A rose rising to the sun as a petal hits the ground. The sun setting to rise,
    the sun rising to set.
    Turn off the sun and watch the candle inside you flicker.
    You are a sun too,
    never mind your moonlight.
    Everything is silent but everything is breaking. Everything is screaming silently enough not to wake you.
    You wake up your dreams and wonder why they die.
    You hide your pain with flowers but flowers die too. The disasters in your soul are wearing a smile. Seeing through it !
    I hug you in a way that tells you everything is going to be okay.
    The moon wouldn't be the moon if the sun could touch her.
    But if the sun could touch her,how many stars would die?
    How many words would disappear.
    Would I still write you this poem?
    Love tries to fix what life breaks.
    as I watch you give up on how this day changes into the same old night,
    I change my new words into my same old soul.

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    Love is gamble
    You lose to win and you win to lose

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  • sanjay_writes 7w

    Glory of faded dreams,
    Often seen my dreams,
    not come true.
    Wondering to myself,
    Who failed? Was it me or my dreams?
    Hiding behind a mask of lies,
    For things are as not as it seems.
    Tick tock the clock moves,
    To the future, likening it or not.
    Dreams awake,
    Once died and I forgot.
    One day,
    I saw my face,
    Two images,
    Success and disgrace.
    One smiled for the dreams
    Of the dreamer who came true and did not hide,
    The other hidden in me who was silent,
    Faking happiness but inner world torn and often painfully cried.
    Time moved at such a pace,
    The years have past, I seen in my face,
    For I did not have the face of my youth,
    Looking at the mirror, I see the truth.
    What now where I stand?
    Dreams still live in me to do,
    Wondering if they will come,
    Some dreams I did,
    Others I did not and still breath in me,
    It's my future,
    I cannot see.
    Uncertain at my life,
    Who am I and what to do,
    I see the mirror,
    As a second person, I say...what are you going to do?
    For one cannot hide,
    What's inside,
    No matter hard I fight,
    I must have, sight.
    Sight of who I want to become,
    For with no thought or direction,
    I am just a candle that blows in the wind,
    Blown out by life's choices of selection.
    With no dreams, I am already dead,
    Living...just waking up, merely surviving and going to bed,
    So many thoughts in my heart and head.
    Truth and lies,
    Love and hate,
    One lives, the other dies.
    In the morning mist sprinkled a little dew,
    On the flowers,
    on the leaves,
    such beauty, it reminded me of you.
    Such is the world as we live in,
    Madness of our human race,
    You guide me, leading me,
    to a better place.
    Kiss me, as sunshine on earth,
    Light in the fog, so the way,
    I know, I need you now,
    Warmth of your spirit,
    Strength of our love.
    To bond me, consume me,
    In the night,
    Where our dreams come to together to swim,
    In waters pure of love,
    In a wildness of the wilderness where
    We are lost.
    I need you now,
    More ever before,
    To hold me, to caress me,
    With your eyes, with your touch.
    As flower I cherish,
    Let your kindness remove my mask,
    And let me see,
    Let me feel,
    Let me hear,
    Your strengths, your wildness, your dreams.
    The one I love.
    You ask my love, why you love.
    Through your pain that flowed from your bones
    From your heart, trying to find,
    Seeking a few seconds of happiness.
    On your soft cheek, the tears run down,
    that carry away the pain..
    salty reminders.
    From the eyes,
    that's seen and witnessed torment,
    that flowed from your heart,
    that felt the, wounds,
    misery, distress,
    lonely nights,
    and horrors.
    That began from your spirit, bouncing back,
    trying to stay strong,
    even in when you felt like breaking apart,
    just trying to stay strong and still love.
    My little one, you I love.
    Your are the strength, you are the steel of the metals,
    You bounced back, strong but still soft.
    As your wings flew, as your spirit rose,
    You came from the abyss to swim with me in life.
    And you came, out of the fields into my life.
    Oh beloved, I seen you coming before you started.
    The bricks and sands, the ivy and waters, all you.
    Different and beautiful. Fragile as glass, strong as steel seeming
    as ice,
    but I know you love, you love deep,
    deeper then the sky in the night.
    Your eyes hide you my love,
    For the walls you built, I don't seek to climb to reach inside.
    As I won't try to rescue you.
    For I am your tree to swing on as you did once,
    As a little one.
    I will stand to make sure those walls don't fall on you.
    Only you can climb them, for they are erected not to isolate,
    But protect your heart my love.
    Once the sky clears, it gets hazy again my dear. As you lose hope.
    Stay for extra minute in my eyes, that extra hour in my arms...holding to hope
    I know you seek.
    Of the rainbows you see dark, shine again it will.
    In the bottom pit you walk on, I shall walk with you on the ground.
    Here, in my arms, I love you.
    For I know you love, to love.
    I formed a image of you in my world,
    When I closed my eyes,
    I felt love, like no other,
    My questions of the past where answered,
    I felt you, like no other lover I ever had,
    As if you where inside me, living breathing,
    I heard you,
    Your soft yet strong beauty in your voice,
    You became all at once,
    My time of seconds, minutes, hours and future years,
    To live, to smile, to love.
    As a path I never seen, but was always there,
    Your body bare, your soul bare, you filled me,
    You made me.
    A path of silence I used to walk,
    Colored now with the sounds of deep love,
    For as I have you in me, my heart, my world,
    Feeling your passion, your softness, tasting you,
    All of you,
    Taste of your fears,
    Your strengths,
    The taste, the sight, the feeling of you,
    The image of you,
    As we are one,
    I spoke to you,
    I feel you,
    Deep, deep, inside...
    In a million ways...
    All with my eyes closed, and you in my heart.

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    As the silence wraps around you, my little dreamer,
    Body in sadness, heart in dreams,
    In the despair you seek escape from
    the misery that took its clothes off and laid beside you.
    My soul bare, cries in your suffering,
    My breath is in your tears, loving you.
    Take my hand with yours.
    Let us walk in the dark valleys not in solitude, but together toward the top mountain where flowers play.

  • sanjay_writes 9w

    Upon the night sky lovers looked at stars in the night,
    Shining red roses fills the air above as a garden at night to come alive,
    Upon the night sea ahead veered into the waters for the world,
    Soothing echoes of waves splashing to the calmness in the night,
    Beauty of silence played in the air in a warm summer night for their ears,
    Hearts heard beating to a rhythm paced in love,
    Two eyes meet in the night, locked to each other,
    Upon the sweet kiss they kissed for love.
    Upon the night sky a heart joins another heart,
    Romance for life they combine to grow,
    Water from the eyes flow on to each others face,
    Tears of love join in a life of love,
    Loves sweet silence is heard for it's soft pleasure,
    Romance is playing a sweet melody,
    Two hearts speaking to each other that summer night,
    Each says...I love you to the heart and soul of each lover,
    Love is felt, love is is shared..
    I am in the circle of your arms
    Powerless, prisoner of your hungrily lips,
    Licking, kissing, devouring me as a meal.
    Cast the net you weaved by your body and heart,
    In these shores I swim of your sweat.
    I taste your flesh, your sweet sweat on my tongue
    From your eternal body of the fruit of the ripe garden,
    Blooming in the night with a light hidden from your chest bare.
    The night light rains upon you, crystals of the passion,
    Shaken from the bite of the apple, the beads of sweet sweat
    Enter my flesh to dance with my soul.
    Into your body, into your flesh, into your eternal eyes,
    Tides of the movements of passion wearing the heat of the flame,
    Takes a hold of me, of my body into the branches of desire.
    Tight of the fit, ease of the friction, burning of the heart,
    Never was never another like this feel.
    Kiss after kiss, let me feel all, let me float in blood and love,
    Let me, let me die to be reborn, in the window of your flesh,
    I, my dear, become one with you with the ride, the swallow,
    the sweat of both, you and I, in the rains stormed from your touch
    of your inner flesh, bright eyes of the angels.
    Your nakedness reigns her invisible threads as a puma stalking prey,
    Hungry with the venom of fire, thirst of a ocean in the sunset eating the Sun.
    Pulling me in with fangs upon my throat
    Looking at you, your spacious eyes blazing into the shadows of tonight. Commanding the waves to rise, winds to blow soft, my legs to carry me to come to you. At the moment your hungry lips touches mine, I am a tree that grew tall in a hundred years in a second. With the taste of salt and sweat on my mouth.
    There is no what you and I can be, only what we are. Two merged into one body, into the acres of the flesh dancers, a time for our desires to shape into flesh, to plant seeds of the earth.
    You are the spring water,
    the fertile fruit and the ripe nectar in the harvest of tonight.
    Your mine my dear, your body in my touch,
    such force you harbor that the only feeling I have this moment,
    the only thought I have in my possession, the only thing I am
    is exploding in you as a supernova,
    where I am reborn with delicate flames of your earth.
    I do not question the air, that fuels the candle
    Nor the heat of her flame as child's eyes.
    What is, is. Burning the sins of dreams.
    A circle within a circle within a figure eight.
    Some days I seek only pleasure without love, other days
    I seek only love in ideology of pleasure.
    Ocean waters that touch and kiss day and night.
    The root of the root of love, not being alone, sharing flesh as we are thirsty.
    The tree roots seeking to touch our hands,
    The flower grows to kiss your hungry mouth to get drunk.
    I give you my flesh, you may not give your heart,
    for I give you my heart, you may not desire my flesh.
    I love what I have, my woman, I have you.
    In the shadows of rain, in the heat of the storm,
    Shed your clothes,I will shed my mask and reveal.
    My love, I don't question..I love you.
    Roar of the fire
    Gleams flames formed by your magnificent eyes.
    You, from the heat in your kiss, embers of my soul,
    After we burned the bed fueled by your passion.
    Then in the midnight of a dream
    Wondering about you, the one of magic, of light and dark exists.
    As the ripened flowers in a spring bloom.
    Thoughts come, flowing in desire burning the hearts of men.
    Taste of the honey on your skin,
    One platter of pure you,
    The water and dark, the air and light,
    I breath in your aroma of sweat on my lips.
    Your fingertips the tides upon my back.
    Your legs, around me as ivy, ever tightening the circle.
    Crossing borders of the drunken midnight star.
    Floating on waters of the sunset.
    On the shores of the waters of dreams,magic lives.
    You are the magic, heard in flesh, felt in my eyes
    Seen from my heart.
    Lay back my I view you.
    There is nothing wrong today
    For I see
    The touch of flesh on flesh
    Where love and tenderness runs and lives naked here
    This my love, our little island in this big world
    We bare each other in the pureness of being tenderly or savagely
    These winds of time has been kind to you my dear,
    Utter beauty lays before me and my touch to you.
    That moment when I am in you,
    Where we join as one union of love,
    We indeed become, the sum greater then the whole.
    Make no mistake, your body, given to me by your soul..
    A priceless, perfect pleasure craft....
    As I breath your flesh, Each breath,
    The taste, the sweat that I lick off you, I feel your love.. I cannot view you just as a body alone,
    But all of you, the seen and unseen..
    The perfection of the visible and tenderness and loving of the invisible.
    This, yours, this mine...our pleasure share love..
    She is perfection, she is raw..unspoiled in her softness and beauty..
    I know now, I feel now...true art..
    Lay down my dear...your beauty..I need more....

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    Your moist lips thirst of me,
    Drink your drink of wine,
    Come, come my dear,
    Put your lips on mine.
    Your hands want to hold of me,
    Song plays in your heart, favorite band,
    Come, come my dear,
    Put your hands on mine.
    Your soul wants to dance with mine,
    Relax your self, feel my soul,
    Come, come my dear,
    You and me will be absolutely whole.
    Your heart wants me inside,
    Come, come my dear,
    No longer do you need to hide.
    Release your desires, your fears,
    Come, come my dear...

  • sanjay_writes 10w

    In time all is revealed to naked hearts.
    Be it with a false smile and nail pounded in.
    Did I waste all that love?
    Questions asked so many times to each star above.
    I was but a grain of sand to her and she my entire beach.
    Love only speaks with mouths that speak of love,
    I spoke, and sang to her, as to the stars of her.
    Singing songs to deaf ears,
    Making love to a stranger,
    She was my reflection of the universe,
    Sadly as the tide came in,
    She was just a mirror,
    With me the only one listening.
    Love is brief and fragile, stones of hearts don't break.
    Some more then others, I was as such.
    Broke as the twig on the step in the trail.
    Secrets I told her, only my heart knew,
    Only that my heart felt.
    Useless, as as a rock, thrown in the ocean.
    Useless as a sunset not care to be seen.
    I see the calendar, months, years a lifetime of love in my life all in one.
    Time thrown away, I have nothing left.
    I have no more songs to play, all my love is spent.
    I wear my heart, with a deep, deep cut,
    Cut by the blade, of her.
    Giving my love to a ghost, a dream to never be,
    I slept with. Held her,
    Giving my love, to someone, but a special one to me,
    Who did not how to love.
    I cannot reveal what I do not hide,
    You, my dear, bloom of the flower I see as your heart and smile,
    My sanctuary.
    One and together, that's all I know.
    Without answers or questions, I don't need to find or ask.
    I love you, for I was made to love you...
    I do know your roots planted in your heart, my dear.
    Grows tender, grows soft, jaded and hurt from the sharpness of pain.
    I know the little one inside you, wanting and hoping while crying,
    Over loves pain that wrapped around you.
    Seeking your roots to waters to quench the thirst for happiness and smile to share.
    Hide in the flower you do, revealing only happiness.
    Inside your beauty, your warmth, your love
    Strength to bloom on the most cloudy days.
    I do know the tears you have counted, each one you remember so vividly.
    Each that bites, stings and fills your sweet heart in pain.
    Try to forget, you cannot my dear, for your love is to deep for others,
    Your caring to strong to forget the stings and the daggers that cut your heart to pieces.
    In your roots you posses the love of a thousand flowers in one.
    My dear,
    You, my dear, bloom of the flower I see as your heart and smile,
    My sanctuary.
    One and together, that's all I know.
    I have lost your love.
    No silence was ever called
    Nor heard in blackened footsteps treading alone.
    My dear, I have lost you,
    To others who speak what you want to hear.
    Ways you want to be true.
    Never was I untrue to you,
    Being the only one, the diamond in my eyes,
    The fire blazed in my voice,
    Is yours.
    I don't walk on pearls that shine the seas,
    I only walk, towards you, as you walk away.
    I have lost you.
    My love now, a naked Rose without a bloom,
    For I have no more petals which fell off me,
    A dry river bed, with the cracks from my losing you.
    Bring in the pond, bring in the lake, bring the river,
    Fill me with all the oceans of all time. It will not be
    enough for my losing you.
    I shall learn to live alone, memories of you will serve me company
    My smiles, my joys, my pains. All of you, my companion. If
    My love cannot have you, if my soul cannot be with yours..
    My memories will have you, kissing me each waking day..
    That kiss, you would of gave my flesh, now kisses my thoughts.
    The others after me, before me...more handsome, richer,
    Let them love you as I do. With everything,
    Everything I have to offer.
    I have lost you, my sea, now I drown in dried sand.

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    Her movements spoke who she is A lover and a survivor
    A calm beautiful day she is with a storm in her full of passion
    When I look into her beautiful eyes and see inside
    suffering filled with love for others
    I cannot imagine how she does it
    A magic and strength in believing
    She is the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly
    right before my eyes She seems to know it's not
    The end it's her rebirth as she flies as the butterfly

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