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  • sayoneenandi_ 2w

    I followed him through a dark country road
    A bit of a senile thing to do I suppose
    Middle of no where
    With me at a distance following a strange but beautiful man
    Sakura bloomed along the edges
    A bit of a romantic stroll you could say,
    But alas he knew not of me so I just walked with him in all invisibility, a moment I knew would remain as ephemeral as it had started out to be.
    He was a bit of a peculiar man you see, he had been playing vinyl tapes all the way, tapes of mystery, tapes of love and somehow the bitter sweet symphonies made me think, "perhaps", "maybe", they were for the apparent woman walking behind.
    As if he knew I was there.
    But, how could he?
    Neither I existed, nor did that beautiful night.

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  • sayoneenandi_ 3w


    Spring came in an unusual time that year,
    The paths teased new buds and flowers, but the mind of the people passing by , withered.
    A boy between the mundane was different, however.
    He changed the way the weather does and walked within thorns bearing flower pots on his chest and colour in his eyes.
    The mundane felt threatened by that boy, so they strode towards him in their sluggish stead and pulled petal by petal from his blossoming mind. The boy struggled and turned to spring for help, but nature too can't battle the thorns of hearts, so sadly she looked upon her flower being torn, for it is a world where the mundane trumps and the boy with the flowers withers and dies.

  • sayoneenandi_ 60w


    I could compare distances with time,
    Faces with minds.
    Friendships with lost love
    And lilies with daffodils.
    I can compare souls with the soil
    And the eyes with touch
    What I can't compare are moments with memories
    And hearts with strings
    I can't compare compare heart beats with your heavy breathing
    And your hands with the homely feeling.
    I can't compare days spent in solitude with days where I was lost.
    I can't compare oceans with lakes or limitless horizons with what the heart craves.
    The world is a prism but the heart is a dying a star.
    If the roads met the same way we wouldn't be able to compare trophies with scar.
    So what if the tunnel doesn't end, we could always make light out of our souls.
    Tune out the voices clouding the mind and turn up the volume of your heart.

  • sayoneenandi_ 61w

    Fight for living.

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    Giving up.

    Saturday nights felt a step away from something out of happiness.
    You would scoop me up and treat me like the world you said.
    In those days I blocked and locked my self away.
    A world within myself far enough for you to save
    Bad thoughts were like demonic presence in me
    It made me believe that you were here to leave.
    My heart ached but niether could I express in verses nor in words
    Constantly at war were my thoughts when it came in hoardes. Scared and frightened I could not put my case.
    I was the the defendant and the prosecutor of a case I couldn't fight. I tried and tried but it were emotions I could not battle so I pushed you away from the edge of a cradle.
    You fell too low and still stood still, till now I don't know how and why you kept at it.
    I left and and left till my body gave up the will
    I tried to fight back but I am sorry I couldn't
    If I could take a bullet I would take it though I shouldn't.
    You left the field no longer wanting to play this game.
    It was madness in a veil of feelings.
    My words fell short and they were out of breath I wanted to hold on to you but you far from me
    You were gone the way I was and I know I shouldn't blame you
    But days turning to nights I know not what I can do.
    I went to get help hoping to show you I am still the same
    But when the mind has given up it is a but a lost game.
    I hope someday you would forgive me and be happy
    For I am not sure if I would ever win a never ending battle that lost me everything that mattered.
    I drew pictures hoping I wouldn't do something too drastic, please tell my mum that If I did not to think about It?
    I have become a burden to myself and my surroundings, I am afraid if it will be ever easy to get out of.

  • sayoneenandi_ 63w

    Regrets, sorrows and everything in between.

    Felt more at ease, with my head on your shoulders.
    You were a warm blanket in the cold winter winds.
    You gave me the sense of security and the feeling of happiness.
    Took you for granted and pushed you away, shoved my soul into a cave and tied your hands by the shed,
    Thought you wouldn't leave, I drowned myself in pint full of beer, thought if I crawled and screamed my fears would disappear but little did I know, I became deaf to your tears.
    I became blind to your sorrows and immune to your pains
    I drove you away to the dead end
    Closed you out and did not treat you well like you were a sin.
    Not a day goes by that I dont regret my antics, not a day goes by that I don't regret my selfish insanity.
    Every single day it is like sword piercing my soul for now my nights are no longer warm and it has all turned cold.
    Sometimes this bitch wants to blame you but then it dawns upon me that this is what I do.
    Regrets always forcing me to wish I had kept my consumed mind aside and saw you through the light, Hopes that made me wish I could be the shoulder to your dizzy nights and a cup of hot chocolate when the cold winds fail to subside.
    But now you are on the other side of the stream and your hand out of reach, your voice inaudible and us not one again.

  • sayoneenandi_ 69w

    The hot coffee brewed on the corner of the table.
    Aroma in the air and my heart in the copy of the book by my favourite author.
    Taken back to a time I knew not existed.
    It was a palette of new feelings,
    Swirls of new emotions.
    Moments meant to be stored in amber.

    I remember a time where the night sky lit with stars
    And the air was filled with the smell of sweet flowers.
    Daffodils I suppose, a field full of them.
    Winter is approaching so is the chill brought by the wind.

    Taken back to coffee again, I savour the moment for a bit before I go back to my usual things,
    Things that I suppose should matter, but I would never know why.

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  • sayoneenandi_ 69w

    Nothing at all.

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    Nothing at all.

    Loneliness is like a parasite, it eats you.
    It devours the shred of sanity you are left with.
    It feeds on your happiness and your pride and ego
    You feel the need to
    Come out begging to fill the void.
    No matter how badly it fucks you up, you crave the feeling of someone being next to you not exactly conversing, but the presence,yes.

    There is an addiction to want to let the sand slide out, it is a powerful scent of victory,but the loss that comes beaating down isnt something you are ever prepared for.
    You don't see the deceit,or the forgone conclusion of timid dissociation.

    It is a perplexing dilema we can't find our ways out of, it is the paradox of being whole, irony being you are never whole completely.You are void in innumerable ways you don't quite understand but truthfully, believe you do, it gives you the feeling of having something to hold on to but the question remains, in million ways unanswered, what if even the tiniest shred of existence of that little power,happiness,loss is nothing but an illusion we all live under.

    Maybe everything we stress about is nothing at all.

  • sayoneenandi_ 70w


    So, what do you do?
    Do you glance at the night sky and hope tomorrow doesn't suck as much as today did?
    Do you dance on that song you always wanted to without actually waiting for someone?
    Do you carve your pain on the sand of the beach and wait happily for it to be washed away?
    What Do you do?
    What Do you do, when the things you love don't love you back?
    Or the guy you liked, holds hands of another?
    What do you do when the tea doesn't come out nice?
    What do you do when you realise family comes with a price?
    What do you do when your favourite dress, is all worn out?
    What do you when your tears just come out?
    What do you do when the winter wind blows?
    What do you do when the vendor is all out of tissue rolls?
    What do you when the concert is all full?
    What do you do when your heart is just used like a tool?
    You jump to the next chapter of course

  • sayoneenandi_ 71w

    Ms. Patchwork Pants.

    They called her Divinity,
    Who sewed every inch of her body
    with knead of perfection,
    The figure of Aphrodite, she radiated beauty,
    And the heave of Athena, she strided with prowess and
    Her eyes, intimidating and her words, sharp.
    She was a goddess among the mundane,
    Enough to douse the fire of above.
    The Olympians, grew restless,
    blinded by her pious mind.
    Hatred brewed amongst the immortal.
    Cursed ,Aphrodite to strip away her limbs, long and lean
    Then came Athena, who swore to push her pride of the brim.
    They call her Ms. Patchwork pants,
    Who wears, dull, ugly pants, sewn as patches stripped off her hands, though she sewed perfectly all the citys attires.
    They called her,Ms. Patchwork pants, the one who jumped funny as she walked,
    Laughed and laughed the entire city and some even showed pity at her fate,
    But Ms.Patchwork Pants saw it as blessing , for she no longer had to be a prey to the needy eyes,
    She giddied in joy, for she now was an equal in a society that never saw broad daylight, it seemed as though she felt the same jolts and same knots as she began creating her new divine.

  • sayoneenandi_ 73w


    "Home is where the heart lies",
    What do you do when you don't have one?