I'm a slave to the voices of my aching soul

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  • solace 3d

    I hope you remember this

    That I love you
    Even before you realised
    That I did
    And the purpose of my being alive
    It's you may hold my hands like this

    Anyways ciao
    Till our dawn rise again

    _ the boy with a pen-

  • solace 4d


    If you understand please explain to me

    With all the ����������������

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    I hope you understand the weather
    As the rain showered from my eyes
    It filled the bedroom
    Now it has become a river
    With pains for fishes
    Albeit your love for fishing
    My heart still aches for you

    -a desperate lover

  • solace 1w

    Once upon a time
    I was falling in love
    Now I'm falling apart

    Now I need you more than ever
    To fight this demons
    Eating my soul deeper
    Even though we lost
    I wish you never leave myside

    Turn around
    Look at what you're leaving behind
    Every now and then
    I thought you'll change your mind
    And you will hold me tight
    Cuddle me whisper sweet lullaby
    Until the edge of the night
    Kiss bye to the sunrise

  • solace 2w

    I'll tell them again with grey hair
    And running midgets
    I'll try to sing with this horrible voice
    Maybe they'd love it.
    And when you come to serve us tea
    I'll ask you to sit on my shivering bones
    And let my youths kicks in again
    Then I take in you in by the full mood
    Carry you like our wedding night
    Light candles and litter roses
    Then I'll make love to first on the sitting room
    Then to the room we've shared since the beginning
    And by morning, while making breakfast
    I'll make love to you in the kitchen
    And by 10am while taking our bath
    I'll make love to you in the bathroom
    When the moon comes, we'll sit and watch the sky
    Then watch our favorite movie.
    And I'll remind you again probably the last time
    That you're the best of all my choices



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    Even after the storm
    It Will always be you and i

  • solace 2w

    Our unspoken song

    We're lovers but ain't dating,
    we're dating but ain't lovers,
    every night we held each other,
    thinking about the one we saw on the subway
    whose smile was like the missing piece we seek.
    We search each others eyes.
    But find no connection.
    No hope, no excitement,
    no intriguing flames.
    We're holding hands but
    we don't belong to each other.

  • solace 3w

    I don't know what to pray
    Or how to behave
    But I want something
    And it's only you that can give it

    People says you exist
    I believe that since my beginning
    But my heart is shaking
    Hoping still in your existence

    Dear lord
    In your infinite mercy
    Through the your unending grace
    Albeit your utmost pardon

    I asked you supply
    The desires of my heart
    Give me money
    Increase my financial Aid

    I will no longer use
    The words of Plato and Shakespeare
    To sing the songs of Mozart
    But I'll tell you how it is

    I need money
    I want money
    Give me money
    Give me ideas
    So I can make money

  • solace 3w

    Would you still be my friend
    If I tell you
    Our feelings can never be
    At the same frequency


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    Would you let me go
    If I tell you
    I'm not the one for you??

    -the broken heart writer

  • solace 4w

    Just as the candle light reached it peak
    A sweet little air kissed it goodbye .

    And they both live happily ever after

  • solace 4w

    Were you gonna love me like everyone
    Or you just wanted a different taste
    Were you gonna trust me
    Or you wanted the same mistake
    Were you gonna love with all your heart
    Coz I have been spending aeons
    Wondering when you're gonna say it

    "I love you oooo"
    And it's true
    I wanted you
    With all my dreams
    Every time I close my eyes
    You're all I can see"

    Were you gonna tell me
    I'm in your dreams
    Or you just wanted to read it from my post
    Where you gonna sing my name
    When nature pours it's rays
    Or you wanted me to notice

    Were you gonna tell me you want me too
    Even when no one believes you
    Were you gonna miss me
    When you lay all alone
    Were You gonna feel me
    When touch your blanket
    And your skin aches for me?


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    The truth is
    Our love story was a dialogue
    I invented in my head
    That when you come along
    Everything will be perfect

    I guess I was wrong

  • solace 5w

    Me: I missed her,
    When I saw her, I ran to her, hugged her
    She tried to pull away,
    I tried to kiss her
    She turn her head
    My hands dropped to her waist
    She said someone might see us
    While she was about to walk away
    I pulled her and hugged her from behind
    She pushed me away angrily
    At night she text me "I love you"

    Pillow :so what did you do

    Me: I replied I'm done

    Pillow : oh you fool

    Me : I saw her hugged him, tried kiss him, he rejected, she pulled him and he replied someone might see us
    She replied she don't care, and he said he does and walked away

    Pillow : and you rejected her too

    Me :i won't be the one to water a dead flower