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  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    Little robot
    Please don't look so sad
    For you must know
    You are the brightest
    Part of life.

    It's your light that helps people
    Come out of the darkness
    You help them find their way
    When they are sad and lost.

    You are more powerful than you believe
    You are Gods little helper
    Oh little light of faith and hope
    Please stand up and be happy
    For you will always be the greatest
    You are the light
    That we all need.

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    Look to God..

    When in doubt,
    just close your eyes and kneel down.
    When you feel so lost,
    call out His name.
    When you feel so empty,
    listen to His songs.
    When you are at your worst,
    He's got your back.
    When you got tired finding the way out,
    ask for His guidance.
    When you are scared,
    ask for His protection.
    When everything feels so wrong,
    turn to Him, He is right.

    Surrender your being to Him.
    Let Him control you,
    Let Him guide you to the path.
    Your true path in life.
    Let Him be the light in your dark life.

    Good night, everyone! God bless ⚘⚘

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    In her room filled with light.
    Her within is as dark as night.
    A hundred pair of eyes.
    But there's no one there to check if she's alright.

    She's not begging them to stay.
    She just needs shoulders for her to lay.
    She's out of words to say.
    Just pretending she's ok.

    Teardrops on her pillow.
    Her breath begins to slow.
    A smile that she can't show.
    She was drowning but no one knew.

    There's no one to save her only she can do what's right.

    Maybe one day she'll be able to fix her broken pieces.

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    IF I COULD fly up high and proudly spread my wings to escape this painful reality.

    IF I COULD defeat the darkness with light just to change their minds.

    IF I COULD scream enough so that everyone could hear just to justify my worth.

    IF I COULD walk even if darkness surrounds me just to tell them I'm not as stupid as they all think I am.

    IF I COULD stand infront of billions of people just to fight my own fears.

    IF I COULD hold back all the tears just to say that I'm strong that I'm not weak.


  • sophiewrites_18 23w


    Maybe someday I'll fly away
    and forget this life of mine
    I'll take to the skies
    with just the wind in my eyes.

    Maybe someday I'll fly away
    and trust only my friends and my family
    to hold me so tight
    I'll give you my spool of many colours
    Please hold on tight
    As i weave through the clouds like a beautiful kite.

    Maybe someday I'll fly away
    and I'll put on quite a show
    I'll soar through the rain and the thunder
    And be stronger than ever
    just please
    please don't let me go
    I'll get better I promise
    Please hold me tight...

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    A mind that's empty.
    A heart that speaks silently.
    The whispering words
    Blocked between the spaces
    And echoed no more.
    Hands that are too tired
    To Hold the pen
    While letting it dance across the paper.
    Every blank sheet
    Filled with
    Spilled inks that were
    Thrown into the trash bin.
    And a question popped up
    Inside my mind;
    Can I still write
    If my soul
    Flowed over into a river.

    Probably not....

  • sophiewrites_18 23w


    Produkto lang naman ng aking isipan
    Na nagbibigay sa akin kasiyahan
    Kasiyahan na ako'y tinatakasan
    Sa realidad na hatid sa aki'y kalungkutan

    Madalas nakatulala
    Tumatawa mag-isa
    Kinikilig wala namang kasama
    Baliw kung tawagin nila

    Sa mundong pakiramdam ko hindi ako nag-iisa
    Yung tipong maraming nagmamahal at nag-aalala
    Impossible kung sa iba
    Sa iba na walang alam kung hindi manghusga

    Nais ko lang naman maging masaya
    Maging malaya
    Magkaroon ng dahilan para tumawa
    Para maibsan lang ang sakit na ngayo'y aking nadadarama

  • sophiewrites_18 23w


    Sometimes you need to get rid of your words,
    to avoid over thinking.
    Sometimes you need to keep quite,
    just to feel safe.
    Sometimes you need to stay in the dark,
    to feel home.
    Sometimes you need to keep your secret,
    to find faith.
    Sometimes you need to get lost,
    just to feel valued.
    Sometimes you need to be drowned by your thoughts,
    to feel empty.
    And sometimes it is also considerable to sleep long,
    to escape reality.

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    How can I have all these feelings inside me and to you they mean nothing,
    they're just words.
    I can't explain it.
    It's just painful
    and fatal
    and heart wrenching.
    Its like I'm drowning in an ocean of loneliness like I'm screaming but no one can hear a thing
    I'm just
    lost deep in the maze
    of my own thoughts.

  • sophiewrites_18 23w

    This is me saying goodbye to all the memories that we both shared. To all the words that we both said. To the truth that you never told me and to all the lies that you forced me to believe.

    This is me saying goodbye to all what could have been. To the nights that I've wasted crying. To the coldness of your actions and how your words cut deep every time you spoke.

    This is me saying goodbye to all our shortcomings. To the words that you failed to say, to the promise that you broke and for not saving what we have when we still had the chance.

    This is me saying goodbye to all the goodbyes you never utter. To the goodbye that you engraved into my heart. To all the blame you put me through and to the reasons why you let me go.

    This is me saying goodbye to the pain.

    This is me finally having the courage to walk away.

    This is me saying goodbye to you.