Author 'Of Silhouette Words & Moonflowers' ,Verses Of Time.Orange Award for Poetry Nominee,Winner Mirakee,KJSCE Symphony Microtale contest.

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  • tejaswiniaura 27w

    In an infinite space
    there is a corner of my world
    where words keep me company
    whether by accident or design
    I don't worry about it too much
    maybe it is what I need
    to spill words out on blank
    pages, form a semblance of
    reality, normality.
    A way through the jumble of letters
    that so lay across paths I seek.
    A corner of my world,
    where words keep me company.
    Alone, maybe not so, yet maybe.

  • tejaswiniaura 27w

    Change the hollows
    of echoing words
    turn them around,
    inside out, twist
    make a rope,
    saw into a ladder,
    hula hoop to amber skies,
    thread into beaded sequins,
    hammer a sword,
    cook up a thunderstorm,
    spite just to inspite pauses,
    become water in stems,
    a green thumbed friend,
    plastic faced, raggedy cloaked,
    letters on show,
    be like you, me unlike
    everyone you see,
    but then you ask...
    hollow laughs, hollow words
    hollow hearts, how far
    can changing them go?
    I say...
    throw them into the
    infinity of time,
    they don't matter that much,
    you will find.
    Read again from the beginning,
    the answer therein lies.

  • tejaswiniaura 29w

    Shadow trails follow
    feelings as they are laid bare,
    leach on them for sustenance,
    growing in strength
    as bodies turn frail from
    jousts of emotions on display.
    Keep yourself close, the world
    never ceases to disappoint.

  • tejaswiniaura 30w


    Behind the smile,
    a masked lie,
    is a face that
    all things
    that tear asunder
    a soul.
    A face behind a face.
    Behind the smile,
    a masked lie.

  • tejaswiniaura 30w

    Never said forever,
    forever said whatever,
    ever caught inbetween
    wriggles around to
    break free.

  • tejaswiniaura 33w

    One could pare loneliness
    with a sharp knife,
    feast on it, till satiated.
    Walk out for a breather
    come back, start
    all over again.

  • tejaswiniaura 33w

    I split my
    shadow right
    down in
    the middle
    one time
    times two
    three times
    times four
    many times
    times infinity
    Nothing is
    I walk free.

  • tejaswiniaura 34w

    Well, there is everything,
    then there is nothing
    anything, sometimes
    somethings, at times,
    round round, the wishing
    well, we go in search of
    pretty cool screenshot poses
    sun crisped wordy duels
    wine sloshed moods
    tear dried lines, letters
    hanging out to dry,
    our cloud surrounded heads,
    lost in vapours of skylight,
    light-headed slight,
    darkness buried in the ground,
    tunneling ways to hitch a ride
    on souls, rank depressed.
    Even so, you and me,
    fallacies of a different kind,
    ever trying to divine
    the goings ons in our minds.
    Outer worlds reflecting
    seething inner chaos.
    So what's new?

  • tejaswiniaura 35w

    A poem.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #tejaswiniaura #poetry

    Hey ho, blank canvas
    of a mirror mind,
    what riddles do you hide?
    A mirror upon a mirror
    words upon words
    lines upon lines
    stacked up to the
    seamless sky
    What riddles do you hide?
    Umpteen Time universes
    peeking into each other,
    wondering what the
    other is upto,
    parallel lives, different vibes
    stacked up to the
    seamless sky.
    What riddles do you hide?
    Gnarly branches of feelings
    that wound past dead trees
    a parched earth, seeking
    redemption from clouds
    unable to rain, as the
    sun dried them away.
    Deserts stacked up to the
    seamless sky.
    Hey ho, blank canvas
    of a mirror mind.
    What riddles do you hide?
    Hope upon despair
    despair beyond repair
    Wishes stacked up to
    the seamless sky.
    Hey ho, blank canvas
    of a mirror mind.
    What riddles do you hide?

    Copyright Komal Gupta @tejaswiniaura

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    Hey ho, mirror mind

  • tejaswiniaura 36w

    Well one day, a word twiddled upto me and said
    "Howdy writer of strange lores and abstract poems!"
    Tis that I want to say, when you punch away at keys of your battered phone
    What goes on in that tangled mind of yours?
    Why is that you don't see
    meanings in lines, words fall off perches of
    wobbly nests you have built on wishing trees that send out whiffs of strangely coloured dreams!
    Your imagination birds get lost on way to the south of common sense, your writing compass seems like Jack Sparrow's
    pointing nowhere at the Kraken's behest.
    Falling down the hole, circling universes unknown, do you land on your head,
    or an unending ride is for you,
    never to stop, has got you riled up?
    Writer, dear writer of impossible climes ,do slow down dear!
    You are making worlds of words just too much of not good for you.
    Heed my lines, for I am pretty serious this time!" The word toddled off.
    I am in a soup it seems!?