When lips fails, the pen trails !!

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  • the_unexpected 17w

    Suggestions are always welcomed. Hope you like this. Thank you♥

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    Searching her name on WhatsApp to text her.

    Searching for her after getting back from work.

    They proved that long distance relationships do last !!


  • the_unexpected 19w

    Suggestions and opinions are always welcomed !!
    Hope you like this.

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    "He's different"


    "Because he looks at me like there was something in me worth looking at and every time he does it melts my heart.."


  • the_unexpected 21w

    Short and sweet♥♥

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    While they all fell in love with her body
    He fell in love with her smile.

  • the_unexpected 22w

    After a very long time. Hope you like this.
    Suggestions are always welcomed. Comment section is all yours. Thank you♥

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    They knew it
    Time & Distance can't separate them
    Because every time they talked they were falling in love with the same person OVER AND OVER AGAIN
    Despite being miles away !!
    Every time they proved that their love is greater than their distance apart !!

  • the_unexpected 26w

    After a very very long time. Now a days I don't write much because of my exams. I am that kind of a person who would lie down on a bed, looking at the ceiling to get some topic to write :):) but for some reasons it's just not happening to me.
    If the below context makes some sense then let me know !!
    Thank you !!♥♥

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    If you think that love could be boring one day and friendship won't, then it would be wiser to marry your BEST FRIEND !!

  • the_unexpected 28w

    "What makes you so strong??" he asked while holding her hands.
    "I always had a smile when I think about you and that's when my eyes starves to cry like a river" she said hugging him tightly.

  • the_unexpected 28w

    I don't even know what I have scribbled !!:):)
    If it makes sense and relatable to anyone then please, let me know:)
    Thank you♥

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    And the irony is..
    When we compel someone to listen any music..
    We actually ask them to listen to the lyrics but not the music !!

  • the_unexpected 30w

    "You promised that you would stay with me are a LIAR !!"
    she said while looking to his gravestone with a tearful eyes.
    In reply she felt a butterfly kiss on her cheeks.
    And the world understood that their love would last for eternity..

  • the_unexpected 31w

    Let me fall over your arms again and hold you close
    To listen to your heartbeats and seize all your warmth of love
    During these icy numbing midwinter.

  • the_unexpected 32w

    Once I fell in love with you,
    You made me do all those things that I once thought were silly and stupid!!♥